2018/19 Irish NH Jockeys Championship Betting

Today I have found you something of an unusual betting market that you will find on offer over at Paddy Power, for they are offering odds on each of the jockeys that have a fair chance of winning the Irish National Hunt Championship this season, and there are some decent odds up for grabs if you are quick too!

Keep in mind though that as the season doesn’t finish until well into next year, the market is active and as such if you do spot a jockey you fancy taking the current odds on, you need to act quickly, for the odds are bound to change and not in a positive way if that jockey wins race after race.

As for the jockey that most punters do think is going to be crowned champion this season, well that honour currently goes to Davy Russell, and if you do rate his chances which I am more than confident many of you will do then Paddy Power are offering even money on him being crowned the Irish Nation Hunt champion jockey this season.

Ruby Walsh a Solid Bet at 2/1

Now if there is one jockey that you can always rely on to run his races with deep determination and a jockey that will never give up, it is of course Ruby Walsh, and you may rate his chances of being the champion jockey this season.

If so then you really ought to be mopping up the 2/1 odds on him doing so that Paddy Power currently have on offer, for that really is a bet with value and one that may just come off too.

Other Potential Champion Jockeys

There are of course plenty of other jockeys that if they do manage to rattle home plenty of winners this season could be crowned the champion jockey, and one that is highly rated and possible could come out on top is Paul Townend who can be backed right now at odds of 5/2.

To be fair though it is going to take some effort for the likes of Rachael Blackmore to win more races than those jockeys so far named, but the odds on offer on that jockey are there for the taking and they are currently 8/1.

If on the other hand you think that Jack Kennedy is going to up his game then he can be backed quite easily to be honest at odds of 12/1 and whether he will or not does of course remain to be seen.

As for the outsiders and those jockeys that do appear to have very little chance of coming out on top and being crowned the champion jockey this season you have the likes of Mark Walsh whose odds do reflect his chances, and those odds for reference are 33/1.

Then you have the likes of Danny Mullins 50/1 and David Mullins who along with Sean Flanagan can both be backed at massive odds of 66/1, however I doubt they are going to get a look in!

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