Ante Post Betting Guide

The term ante post betting simply refers to any betting markets that have opened well in advance of any sporting event starting, and they often refer to horse races and greyhound races. Other sporting events have futures betting markets on offer on them as opposed to ante post ones.

One of the main reasons why many betting sites are going to be offering ante post betting markets on for example a horse race that is scheduled to start well into the future, is to simply get some cash swirling around their betting markets.

They do however tend to offer some much better betting odds on each of the horses or greyhounds that are running in a race via their ante post betting markets, and that is why many punters do enjoy making use of those betting markets.

However, keep in mind that the odds available when you start betting ante post on and upcoming horse or greyhound races are subject to change at any time, as the horses or greyhounds could improve their form as the starting time of the race approaches, or they could lose their form, and when doing the latter their ante post odds will drop of course!

Best Betting Site for Ante Post Odds

If you do fancy checking out just how high the odds can be on an ante post betting market, then please do head on over to BetHard, for they do have plenty of ante post betting markets live and available.

As you can also bag their welcome offer when you click through to their website using our BetHard website links, make sure that is something you do, as that will then enable to you to lock in even more betting value and winning opportunities when you start to bet with them online!

You Can Also Bet Each-Way When Ante Post Betting

You do also have the option of betting each-way as opposed to placing an outright winner type of bet on any ante post betting markets you do come across and decide to make use of.

However, what you should of course be always on the lookout for are betting sites at which you are going to eb able to make use of the best each-way terms, as believe me when I tell you they can and do vary from betting site to betting site.

So, you should check out just what percentage of the win odds are being offered to you at different betting sites when betting each-way and you will also need to know just how many places any ante post betting markets and betting sites are paying out to too.

The bigger the percentage of the win odds and the more places a betting site is paying out to on the place section on an each-way ante post bet the better, so always keep that in mind and never be in too much of a rush to place an ante post bet until you have compared the odds and terms of their each-way betting opportunities, to ensure you get the maximum betting value!

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