Australia in With a Chance in the World Test Championship

Whilst most punters have been piling their money on India to be crowned champions in the World Test Championships, their current odds of 4/5 do not offer any real value to sports bettors and as such many people are looking elsewhere for some much better odds on some of the other fancies teams.

As such, if you are seeking a team to back in that major and long-awaited cricket tournament then there is a lot to like about Australia, for their current form does of course give them a great chance of winning that tournament.

In fact, as you are going to find odds on offer on that team winning of 11/4 there is a lot to be said about backing hem on the early betting markets, so do make sure that you get a move on if you do fancy their chances of winning.

Just keep in mind though that you are also going to be able to lay odds yourself on any teams you think are not going to win, and to do so you will need to turn to a betting exchange such as Betfair to be in a position to become for all intents and purposes a bookie yourself and offer odds on any teams to other punters.

Could New Zealand Win?

Seeing as most bookies and sportsbooks have New Zealand chalked up at odds of 7/1 making them the early third favourite, some of you out there are likely to fancy their chances, by do shop around and compare the odds available at some bookies just may be offering better odds than those.

One other team that has a fair chance of success in this major cricket tournament are England, and you should have any difficulties finding a bookie that is offering odds of at least 8/1 and in some cases you may find bookies that are offering odds of 9/10 or even 10/1 but not many sites are by the way.

What Odds an Outsider Winning?

With a lot of luck in playing it is fair to say that one of the outsiders to win the World Test Championship could end up winning, and whilst the chances of any of them doing so this season are very low, I would not put you off backing any team that you do fancy the chance of.

You can of course back teams such as South Africa if you fancy their chances and as for the odds currently up for grabs and on offer form most bookies on South Africa to win, they are a solid 12/1 shot and are in with a chance of winning if everything does fall their way.

Teams you can probably quickly discount are Pakistan who are 25/1, and then you have teams who cannot possibly win if their odds are to be believed and they include Sri Lanka at 50/1 along with both Bangladesh and West Indies who are both 100/1 shots.

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