Best Betting Opportunities on the Polish International

Fans of the sport of badminton will no doubt be glued to the handful of TV sports channels today that will be showing the many matches that are being played as part of the Polish International tournament.

Much like every other year however there are a number of players that are fancied to do well in that tournament, and there are the usual rank outsiders that have very little chance of winning that tournament too.

That does of course mean that from a betting point of view there are several matches being plated today as part of that Polish International tournament that are expected to go the way of the favourite to win those matches, but if you do fancy the chances of an outsider there are some decent odds available on them.

What I want to do today therefore is to point you in the direction of three matches all of which have a player playing in them that is highly likely to win, and therefore it could be prudent to place a treble bet on each of those players as by doing so you could win a fairly decent winning pay-out if they all do win their respective matches!

Jesper Toft Should Beat Hannes Gerberich

The first player that should have no problems winning their match today is Jesper Toft and it will be quite early in the mooring that match is going to be in play, so do get a move on if you want to take advantage of the 20/67 odds available on Toft.

Those odds by the way are currently up for grabs over at the NetBet sportsbook, and to be fair to that betting site they do tend to offer some of the best odds on badminton tournaments and matches throughout the year. For reference the odd you can get on Hannes Gerberich to win that match are 21/10.

Two Other Players for Your Treble Bet

If you are interested in placing a treble bet on three of the players that are expected to win their respective matches in the Polish International badminton tournament today then the very best player to have listed next on your betting slip is Alex Lane.

Alex Lane is going to be playing against Manuel Vazquez in their 08:35 match and as far as the odds you will get at betting sites such as NetBet they are Manuel Vazquez at 43/20 but it is Alex Lane who should win this match with great ease at odds of 20/67.

The final match to bet on and one that should be a definitive win for the favourite is the Wei Chi Liu vs Joonas Korhonen match, you will have until 09:10 to get your bets placed on that match and it is Wei Chi Liu who is the player you should be backing at odds of 20/59 and for reference the best odds available on Joonas Korhonen who isn’t expected to worry the favourite are 19/10!

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