Best European Darts Open Matches to Bet On

There are obviously loads of upcoming matches that are being played as part of the European Darts Open, and with that in mind I have put together an overview of the matches that may just be worth your time and effort betting on, and the following matches will be in play on the 22nd of March 2019.

The first of those matches is the Justin Pipe vs. Ryan Meikle match and for reference it will be at 12:05 that match will be starting, now the bookies have had an impossible task trying to work out just which player is going to win that match, and Coral are therefore going 10/11 on either player.

As for the next match of the day that is the Pavel Jirkal vs. William Borland match, and it will be in play from 12:30 onwards, and the early betting does appear to be favouring Borland to win that match for his odds are now 8/11 to win that match and that is certainly a rock solid bet by the way.

Half an hour after the above match has started it will be time for the Matthew Dennant vs. Madars Razma match to be in play, and as such that match will be starting at 1:00pm, and the odds on Dennant to win that match are 11/10 and the favourite to win it is Razma whose odds are 8/11.

Fabian Herz vs. Scott Taylor

If you are perming several of the darts players that you think are going to win their matches on the 22nd of March 2019 into one single Acca type of bet then there is a banker playing today as far as I’m concerned.

That is in the Fabian Herz vs. Scott Taylor that is going to be starting at 1:30pm, and for which player is the banker to win that match, well it isn’t Herz as his 3/1 odds at the Coral betting site clearly indicate, it is in fact Taylor that I do fancy to win that match and his odds are fair given his very obvious chances of winning, and those odds are 2/9.

A Few Other European Open Matches to Ponder Over

There are a few other matches that look like they should go the way of the favourite and one that does immediately spring to mind is the Ross Smith vs. Ricky Williams match that is starting at 2pm.

With Smith looking like a sure-fire winner of that match and as plenty of punters have been backing him quite heavily you will not be too surprised to discover his win odds are a tad low, which they are but he is a good bet it does have to be said to win and his odds are 1/4.

Another match that could be worth including in any Acca and multiple types of bets you are placing on the European Darts Open tournament is the Adam Hunt vs. Danny van Trijp match which starts at 2:30pm, as far as just which player you should be backing, that is Hunt who can be backed at odds of 3.10 to win that match.

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