Best Odds on Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

You have to be quite careful when you set about betting on American Football matches, for if you do not carefully hunt around for the betting sites that are going to be offering you by far and away the best betting odds, you can easily get short-changed.

However, as for just which betting sites are guaranteed to be offering you a fair and decent set of odds on any upcoming American Football matches that you may fancy betting on, I would advise you to take a look at sites like Quinnbet or any of our other approved bookies and sportsbooks.

Take for example his coming Saturday the 5th of January, there is a match between the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, and the odds on that match can be quite stingy if you do not compare the odds available at some betting sites.

But as far as the odds you are going to be able to take and secure over at Quinnbet, well they have the Colts on offer at odds of 21/20, and they also have the Texans available at odds of 3/4 so there is plenty of value to be had dependent on just which of those two American Football teams you think is going to win that match at that betting site.

Featured Sunday American Football Match

As you will shortly discover there are a few American Football matches that will be in play at some point this coming Sunday, however the one that I do know most punters are going to be betting on is the match that sees Seattle Seahawks playing against the Dallas Cowboys.

Now that match is a great one from a betting point of view as both teams have a more or less equal chance of winning it, and that is indicated by the odds available at Quinnbet on both of those teams, and those odds for reference are even money on the Seahawks and you can get 4/5 on the Cowboys winning that match.

A Couple of Other Matches to Consider

Two other matches that do it has to be said have some very respectable odds on offer on each team at Quinnbet includes the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens match.

As you will see from the 21/20 win odds on the Chargers along with the 8/11 win odds currently available on the Ravens that really is a match that can go either way.

The other match that will be playing out this coming Sunday is the one that sees the Philadelphia Eagles taking on the Chicago Bears, however I think it is very fair and true to say that the Eagles do face something of a major uphill task to beat the Bears.

But you can of course bet on either team to win and if you think it will be the Eagles that will win that match you will be richly rewarded with odds of 15/8, and if you want to back the favourite team to win that of course being the Bear their odds are reflective of their chances, being 2/5.

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