Best UEFA Nations League D Match Odds

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday there are 8 matches scheduled to kick off in League D of the UEFA Nations League, and Betfred are of course already offering odds on each of those matches, so a visit to their betting site is certainly in order if you fancy backing any of the teams that will be playing this week.

The first of those eight matches is the Faroe Islands v Azerbaijan match, scheduled for the 11th, and betting indicators are that match is going to be a fairly close run thing, for the odds on all three possible outcomes are fairly high.

It is Azerbaijan that are the current favourites to win that match with win odds of 17/10, however the draw odds are appealing at 21/20 and the odds on a Faroe Islands win are 19/10, so it is very fair to say that both teams do have a reasonable chance of winning looking at their respective odds.

Another match in League D that is kicking off on the same day and at the same time as the above match is the Kosovo v Malta match, however Kosovo are the 2.7 odds-on favourites to win that match with the draw looking unlikely at 9/2, and Malta shouldn’t get a look in with their 12/1 win odds!

12TH October 2018 League D matches

The first of two matches that will be kicking off on the 12th of this month is the Belarus v Luxembourg match, Belarus are the favourites to win at 3/5, with the draw having quite appealing odds on offer at Betfred of 11/4, but you can also back Luxembourg to win and their odds at Betfred of doing so are high are 11/2.

The other match that all being well should kick off on the 12th is the Moldova v San Marino match, however with win odds of 1/14 Moldova do appear to be the winners of that match, and the draw odds are 11/1 and it would be a miracle is San Marino win that match at 40/1!

13th October 2018 League D Matches

Georgia are expected to win their match against Andorra on the 13th of October, and the match odds are 1/8 on them doing so, the draw odds are 13/2 and Andorra are the no hopers surely at 40/1!

It will be the Latvia v Kazakhstan match that you are going to have to study long and hard before the kick off time to try and pick the outcome of that match for the odds on Latvia winning are 19/10 the draw odds are 2/1 and Kazakhstan are certainly in with a chance of winning at 9/5.

In the Armenia v Gibraltar match the home team are 1/16 the draw odds are 12/1 and as for Gibraltar winning, well you can back them at massive odds at Betfred right now of 50/1!

The only other match in League D being played this week is the Fyr Macedonia v Liechtenstein match, and one again it is the home team that should win it, as their win odds of doing so are 1/11, as for the draw the odds on that are 10/1 and Liechtenstein are on offer at gigantic odds of 33/1!

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