Bet on the World Open Singles Bowls Tournament 2020

Believe it or not there is already a great deal of money being bet on the 2020 World Open Singles Bowls tournament, which is surprising for that tournament isn’t going to be in play until January of next year!

However, that does of course mean that there are plenty of savvy punters out there that are prepared to place plenty of long term bets on the bowlers that are taking part in that tournament, and betting sites such as William Hill is where you will find odds being offered.

The outright winner betting market is actually quite appealing at that betting site for the current favourite to win is available at huge odds of 6 to 1 right now and that is Nick Brett in case you are wondering just which bowler is being backed right now.

There is also the chance of picking out and betting on any bowler each-way and one half of the outright winner odds are being paid out to two places over at the William Hill betting site, which means there are even more betting opportunities available on that tournament, if you are prepared to not only place a long term bet but place an each-way bet!

Paul Foster and Stewart Anderson

There are also dribs and drabs of support of the next two bowlers listed on the betting markets and they for reference are Paul Foster who is a 7/1 and Stewart Anderson who is currently trading and on offer at odds of 8/1.

The only other couple of bowlers that are currently on offer at single digit odds is Greg Harlow and Alex Marshall and they both look decent bets especially to each-way punters for the odds you can bag on either of them right now are high at 9/1, and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if either of them does do well in that tournament next year!

Alex Marshall and Mark Dawes

Alex Marshall is next in the betting, however one bowler that I do feel has the skill and experience and raw talent to do well in this tournament next year is Mark Dawes who looks a rock solid each-way bet at his current odds of 12/1.

You can get the same odds on Robert Paxton and for those of you out there that are fans of David Gourlay or Jamie Chestney both of them are very easy to back at odds of 14/1.

Several bowlers are available at odd of 16/1 but whether any of them are going to have any level of success in this tournament next year does of course remain to be seen but for reference those 16/1 shots are Darren Burnett, Mervyn King and Michael Stepney.

Simon Skelton and Les Gillett are next in the betting at odds of 18/1 and 20/1respectively and you are also going to be able to back at odds of 20/1 Scott Edwards and Wayne Willgress the rest of the bowlers are available at odds of at least 25/1!

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