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Best betting community and a free £20 to get you goingHave you ever found betting on your mobile phone to be a rather dull and solitary experience? If so Betbull is what you have been searching for, this is a brand new betting app you can download that promises to deliver a completely unique betting experience, and one in which you can fully interact with other users, such as friends down the boozer, who use that app too.

That betting app is on offer from BetBull, and it is fair to say they have left no stone unturned regarding the social element of the betting experience you will have with them, so much so it is now one of our fully approved and highly recommended betting apps.

You will have the chance of chatting to tipsters and also other punters who have had a good track and verifiable track record of betting winning at the BetBull, which does of course mean if your betting exploits have recently been not too successful you can take the advice from more experienced punters.

best mobile betting community

All betting sites and betting apps are of course going to have to have their own unique selling points if they are to be successful, and there is no doubt in my mind that BetBull do have a solid product, and having seen just how quickly their app has taken off and is being used, they are going to be a company that are here for the very long term.

Please do read on if you do fancy trying the app from BetBull, but be aware they do not offer an online betting platform, as you can only access their betting services via a mobile device and via their app!

Free Matched Bet Promotion

There are always going to be benefits of opting to sign up to and bet at any of our featured betting sites, however as far as the welcome bonus that is currently up for grabs at BetBull, they are going to be giving you access to a free matched bet.

The terms and conditions of that bonus can be found on their website, but to qualify for it you will need to use any of our links to visit their site, and once you do land on their website you simply need to follow the onscreen instructions to avail yourself of that sign up welcome bonus offer.

As far as any ongoing bonuses, free bets and additional promotional offers go, I am happy to let you know that there will never be any shortages of them, and each one you will be offered will always come with a very fair set of terms and conditions, just make sure you read them through in full!

The free matched bet is going to be credited to your account as soon as you have placed an initial bet using your own deposited funds.

Be aware that it doesn’t matter by the way if your initial bet that qualifies you for that free bet is a winning one or a losing one, as it will still be added to your account after your first bet placed on their betting app has been settled which it will be as soon as the result is known and announced!

Bet on Anything and Everything

You should always avoid betting on any betting apps that are only going to be offering you a small and limited number of betting markets and betting opportunities, for you will of course want to have access to a full and vey wide range of sporting events, odds and betting opportunities.

That is something that is always going to be guaranteed to you if and when you do sign up to the BetBull betting app, in fact let me now enlighten you on just how diverse their betting markets and betting opportunities really are.

If you are the type of punter who likes placing long term bets for example then the future and ante post betting markets on offer to you at BetBull will be right up your street, and there are often some stand out bets on their ante post and futures betting markets with enhanced and boosted odds too.

Daily early prices are of course also going to be on offer to you at BetBull, so if you want to place a bet nice an early then you will also find additional offers attached to their early betting opportunities, such as best odds guarantees.

It is also going to be possible for you to bet as soon as any sporting events start, as BetBull now have their own in-play betting markets that allow you to bet on sporting events as they are in live play right up until the dying minuets or seconds of those sporting events!


Low or High Betbull Limits

You can often be in for a nasty surprise when you sign up to a new betting site or betting app and then go onto make your initial deposit, and that surprise often takes the form of some very high minimum betting limits!

You should of course always gamble within your means and also gamble responsibly, and one thing I do want to point out about BetBull is that they do cater for small stake punters and high rolling punters alike, so you are never going to be forced or required to have to place bets for stake levels that you can comfortably afford!

In fact, thanks to the unique range of accumulator type bets and wagers that are on offer to you over at BetBull, if you want to try and win a huge amount of cash but from a tiny stake amount then you really do need to actively check out their accumulator bet promotional offers, as they always have several of those types of offers up and running.

As for the range and type of actual bets you can place via the BetBull betting app, then I am also happy to let you know ever type of bet you can possibly think of will be available to you as one of their customers.

So it is very safe to say that no matter when you do want to place a bet of any value, you are always going to be able to do just that on the BetBull betting app!

Highly Secure Banking Interface

You now know just what types of sports related bets and wagers and betting markets are going to be on offer to you at BetBull, however let me now move onto another very important aspect of you having a completely hassle free type of betting experience and that is in regards to deposits and withdrawals.

If you do live in the UK then be aware that you are going to be given the option and ability of setting your account top fully operates in GBP, so at no point in time do you have to deposit bet and withdraw any winnings in any other currency other than Pounds Sterling.

There are of course no shortages of different deposit and withdrawal options that you can make use of as a customer of BetBull, so if you want to deposit or withdraw using a web wallet or debit card you are always free to do so, and there are plenty of other payment options available too including prepaid vouchers and you can also deposit using a credit card too.

Just keep in mind that there can often be a range of additional fees and charges that you are going to have to pay when using some payment options, and as such you should be actively making use of the ones that will not require you to pay anything over and above your deposit amount or will not see you having to pay anything to make a withdrawal either!

Totally Unique Mobile Betting Experience

You have probably already at some point in time downloaded any number of mobile betting apps, and it is probably also the case you found some of them to be much more appealing to you than other ones.

best betting appsHowever, always do keep in mind that whilst there are never going to be any shortages of betting markets, betting opportunities, offers and deals and loads of different payment options on offer on the BetBull betting app, you are going to find it is the social interaction with other punters that makes it a must have betting app.

As there is that free matched bet sign up offer I told you about up above, then how about giving their betting app a try today, by doing so you can increase your chances of ending up in profit by making full use of the free matched bet offer, and you will also be able to see if you do like the way that betting app works and operates too.

If you do find you have any questions about the BetBull betting app or are unsure about any aspect of it, then also be aware they offer an around the clock customer support service, so simply get in touch with one of their support team members and they will be able to talk you through anything you are unsure of.

All in all, as soon as you do get the hang of using their mobile betting app, I am of the mind that you are always going to want to make use of it time and time again!

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