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Betfair is like no other betting site that you are going to come across, for what they offer sports betters is something known as a betting exchange, which is going to allow you to bet against and with other punters, as opposed to you trying to take on and beat a bookie!

A betting exchange is a type of betting platform that will allows you to look up any up and coming sprouting event and place a bet in much the same way as you do when betting with a bookmaker or sportsbook, however the odds available and the potential pay-outs have been added to that betting platform by other punters just like you.

You do of course also have the option of putting up your own set of odds on any outcome in any available sporting event too, and you can set your own liabilities on those odds and bets that you offer and make available to other punters using the Betfair betting exchange, so you can become bookie yourself if you want.

Thanks to the way that Betfair works and operates, the only costs associated with using their betting change is a small commission fee that you must pay on any winning bets you place or any winning bets you lay.

So unlike other much more standard betting sites Betfair do not mind you winning, in fact by winning you pay their small modest commission, and as such they love winners, which is something no other bookmakers do!

Huge Sign-Up Bonus Offer

It may take you a little bit of time to get used to laying bets with Betfair, however I would actively encourage you to make use of their website and check it out as by doing so you are going to find lots of guides, including video guides, that will walk you through the entire process of using their betting exchange.

However, as an added bonus they do of course have their own exclusive sign up welcome bonus up for grabs that all new users of their betting exchange are going to be able to make use of, and that bonus has been designed in such a way that the terms and conditions are very clear and are very easy to understand.

If you do fancy giving them a try what you need to do to ensure that you qualify for their welcome bonus sign up package is to click through any of our Betfair links, as by doing so that bonus is available to you the very second you have signed up to Betfair and log into your account for the very first time.

As Betfair do also offer a standard betting site and in addition own and operate a range of additional gambling sites, which by the way you access directly from their website and a one single log in, you will also be able to claim all manner of different welcomes bonuses at their additional sites too, on top of an in additional to their betting exchange bonus offer!

All Odds Updated in Real Time

As it is other users of the Betfair betting exchange that are feeding the odds into that betting exchange what you are going to very quickly discover is that the odds can and do change rapidly, as they are updated live instantly as users input their own set of odds and liabilities on the exchange.

Therefore, one of the main advantages of using that betting exchange as opposed to betting at a standard betting site is that you are always going to find the betting markets available come with the very lowest possible over-rounds.

In fact, there is no doubt in my mind when you see just how low the over-rounds are on either the lay markets or back markets you are going to want to get involved with those betting markets, and for reference the current up to the second over-rounds are always displayed on each betting markets too.

As long as you have enough money in your Betfair betting account to cover the odds and liabilities you want to offer on their betting change you can add those odds onto the betting platform and if they are generous enough then you will always be matched up with another user who wants to make use of those odds.

I should also point out that as on as the results then are k now on whatever sporting event you have placed a bet on or have laid odds on the best will be settled, and paid into the winners account less the Betfair commission instantly and in real time.

New Betfair Mobile App

It is not only via an online betting platform you are going to be able to access the betting exchange at Betfair for they do have their very own unique betting app, that app is going to be completely compatible with any type of mobile device but it must be a mobile device that has touch screen capabilities.

The app is not going to take up huge amounts of storage space on your mobile device, so do not worry about that, and if you already have an online Betfair account then your log in details can be used to access and log into the Betfair betting app too.

It is worth noting that every single betting market that you will find listed don’t he online betting exchange offered by Betfair are also going to be on offer to you via the betting app.

Also, be aware that both the online and mobile betting exchanges are networked together and into each other, so the odds being offered to you on either platform are the same, which is of course important to know.

The commission structured, the promotional offers and deals long with the banking and payment option are also the same eon the Betfair betting exchange app, so it is an ideal app to get and make full use of if you want to have the flexibility of both placing and laying bets on your mobile devices no matter where you happen to be or when you want to place them too!

Additional Betfair Trading Software

It can often be the case that when you are a user of the Betfair betting exchange that you will spot times when it is possible to hedge any bets you have placed or laid in such a way that by taking the opposite view on a sporting events outcome than the one you currently have a financial interest in, you can then lock in a guaranteed profit by hedging those positions.

There are numerous different Betfair trading and hedging software add-ons that you can use to help automate your betting and trading positions on Betfair and it will be worth you checking some of them out if you do take your betting activities seriously, and want to have many more winning outcomes than losing ones.

Be aware also the Betfair does have on their website a user forum, and it is on that user forum that you are able to discuss trading and betting strategies, which is something worth knowing.

But at the end of the day as somebody who does bet regularly on absolutely any type of sporting events, you are going to be very hard pressed to find better valued odds than those that are available to you 24 hours 7 days a week on the Betfair betting exchange, in fact I would encourage you to go and take a look at the current over-rounds on any betting markets to see at first hand just how generous the odds are.

 Standard Betting Platform at Betfair

One final thing I would like to draw to your attention, Is that Betfair does also offer a fairly standard type of sportsbook, and as such if you are still getting your head around how a betting exchange works and operates then you can of course make use of that betting platform instead.

However, you are of course only going to be able to place bets on that standard betting platform for it will have to be their betting exchange that you make use of to have the ability of laying your own betting opportunities too.

But please do try and make a very concerted effort to learning just how the Betfair betting change does work and operate, for you are then always going to be in a much better position to get the very highest possible odds available on any sporting event online.

In fact, Betfair did commission their own report into just how high their odds and just how low their over-rounds where and that report proved without a shadow of a doubt their odds were the highest in the very high 90’s percent of the time when compared to the odds other bookies were offering on lots of different betting markets and sporting events.

Betfair does also accept customers from many countries of the world, but as a UK based punters you can set your account to operate in GBP and will always have the highest number of deposit and withdrawal option available to you too.

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