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The story of how Betfred came about is an interesting one, for the owner of that betting site, Fred Done, started out as an illegal backstreet bookmaker before betting shops were made legal in the UK, and once they were legalised he then opened up several of them.

In fact, over the years the number of betting shops he and his brother own and operate grew and grew and today they are the biggest independent bookie in the UK.

Earning a reputation for giving their customers more, Fred Done has been given the nickname the Bonus King, and as such if you are the type of punters who is looking for true betting value via by higher odds, bigger betting and pay-out limits then it really is about time you consider becoming a customer of that bookie.

It is however now possible to bet at Betfred on a mobile device as they have launched their own in-house deigned betting app and they do also have a fully functional and it does have to be said highly advanced online betting platform too.

Being based in the UK and primarily catering for UK based punters, along with being fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, they do speak your language, and with lots of unique betting opportunities no matter what you fancy betting on you will find a betting market listed and available on any of their betting channels at odds you will always find appealing to!

Best Sign-Up and Ongoing Bonus Offers

By signing up to Betfred today, and then making a small nominal deposit and then placing a bet of at least £10 you are going to then be given £30 in free bets, I should point out that there are going to be terms and conditions attached to those free bets, and as such I advise you to read through them.

Whether you choose to claim that bonus or not, each day you are going to find a plethora of ongoing promotional offers available, on a wide range of different betting markets at Betfred, including but not limited to best odds guarantees, enhanced early prices and also a range of consolation bets too.

In fact, if you are fond of playing casino styled games poker games or even the odd game of bingo, by joining Betfred you get direct access to each of their other gambling sites when using their betting site log in, and each of those additional sites also have a bonus offer available upon them.

As I did mentioned up above Fred Done is known as the Bonus King, and make no mistake about it when you are looking for plenty of additional betting value, no matter what you choose to bet on, you should always peruse the betting markets on offer on his betting site.

Plus, you will of course be able to fund your accounts using GBP, and place your bets and get paid out all of your winning sin GBP too!

User Friendly Online Betting Platform

Due to the gambling laws and regulations in place in the UK, if you do want to become a client of Betfred you need to be over the age of 18, and you are going to have to supply them with copies of a few documents if they require them to allow them to verify your identity.

However, Betfred do also use electronic means to try and verify their customer accounts, and as such you may not have to go through the verification process, but just be aware that you may have to, but it is quick and painless either way!

To sign up to Betfred simply visit their website and click onto the registration links, or if you have chosen to make use of their mobile betting app, as soon as you have downloaded and installed it you will then be prompted to register as a new customer.

Their online betting platform is laid out in a very easy to understand way, for all of the different sports categories are listed in the side menu, so by clicking on them you can then start to explore the individual betting markets associated with each of those sport categories.

At all times once you have placed a bet you do have access to your very own unique audit trail that will give you an overview of all bets placed, and the status of each of those bets too, along with the stakes you wagered on each of them and the pay-out amounts and odds taken.

Unique Mobile Betting App

As far as placing a bet with Betfred, you can use the online betting platform mentioned above, wander into any of their high street betting shops and betting offices or simply download and install; their betting app onto your mobile device.

As most people these days tend to be glued to their mobile phones, that betting app may be something you wish to make use of, for you are always going to be able to place any type of sports bet whenever you get the urge to as long as you have your mobile on you.

As far as whether there are going to be any compromises to be made when you set about using their betting app, when compared to their online betting platform, then please be aware there are no comprises to be made what so ever.

You have just as many promotional offers and deals available to you each day on their app as you would if you chose to utilize and make use of their online betting platform there are going o be just as many betting opportunities too, and the banking interface is linked up to their online interface too.

Moving funds around any Betfred gambling site accounts you own is hassle free, and the app does also offer you the full range of in-play betting opportunities too!

Multiple Ways to Deposit and Withdraw

There are never going to be any difficulties in you being able to top up your online or mobile betting accounts with Betfred, for they have ensured that their online banking interface boasts every single type of payment option their customers may want to use.

For those of you out there who are not too keen on giving out any of your own personal banking details when making a deposit into a betting site you can use s PaySafeCard voucher which is a voucher you buy from a Pay Point or Pay Zone outlet in cash.

They also accept all major web and e-wallets too, so if you want the flexibility of using for example PayPal, Neteller and Skrill then you can both top up and withdraw funds rapidly from and too any of those web wallets.

Credit cards are also accepted, but keep in mind there is often a cash advance fee to be paid when you use any credit card as a way of topping up gambling site accounts, and you cannot withdraw winnings back to your MasterCard credit card account either.

Debit cards are probably the most convenient way of funding a betting site account, for you are never charged any fees on top of your deposited amount, and when you win at Betfred they can and will send your winnings back to the bank account that is linked up to such cards.

But no matter which withdrawal option you choose to make use of you can rest assured Betfred are going to pull out all of the stops to pay you out your winnings quickly and much more importantly in full too!

Additional Unique Offerings and Features

I want you to be 100% confident that Betfred is going to be the perfect betting site for you to sign up to, and possibly to bet at whenever you spot a sports betting opportunity that interests you the most.

With that in mind, let me enlighten you on a few more reasons as to why they are one of the most trusted betting sites online and what else they are going to be offering you.

You may have come across a handful of betting sites that are going to be offering you early cash-outs, which enables you to close down a bet you have in play before the result is finally announced.

That bet could be a football match for example, and if you chosen team is winning at a stage of the game, but you think there is a chance the opposing team could equalize or go on to win, then Betfred may let you cash out early, obliviously the pay-out will be lower, but it is an option worth taking if you do want to lock in a guaranteed profit from such bets.

You are also going to be able to bet in their land based betting shops if you so desire, but they will also allow you to top up and withdraw funds from your online and mobile betting accounts in any of their land based betting shops too!

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