Betting Bonuses Guide

I have decided to put together the following guide that is going to be giving you an insight and complete overview as to the many different types of betting bonuses and betting site promotional offers that will be available to you online, as it can be very confusing three to make sense of those that are regularly offered to punters.

You only have to take a look around this website to notice that whilst there are several top rated and fully licensed and regulated betting sites, bookmakers and sportsbooks that we do recommend, the offers and deals that will then become available to you when you sign up to any of them is quite diverse.

Keep in mind thought that every single betting site you come across listed and reviewed throughout this website is going to be giving you the ultimate betting experience, which not only include the most generous of promotional offers, but the best odds on all sporting events and there will also be additional benefits of signing up to those betting site too, such as rapid winning pay-outs.

However, please do spend a little bit of time looking through this guide for there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to find the bonus and promotional offers listed below to your liking, and you are bound to want to take advantage of some of them when they are offered to you as many of them can and will allow you to lock in plenty of betting value too!

Free Matched Bets

When you sign up to quite a number of different betting sites, bookmakers sites and sportsbooks online, they are going to be giving you access to something known as a free matched bet.

To take advantage of such a promotional offer you will first have to register at the site offering you a matched bet make a deposit and then place a bet up to a certain value with your own money.

Win or lose the betting site will then credit you with a bet of the same value of your initial bet, up to the maximum amount of the matched bet they are offering you, and then you can use that free bet to place a wager on whichever sporting event outcome appeals to you the most.

The one thing to be aware of in regards to these types of promotional offers is that often there will be a requirement for you to place a bet on a sporting event outcome that has odds higher than a certain amount, which could be on any outcome that has odds attached to it of over even money for example.

Also, be aware that when you do place a free matched bet you usually do not get the stake of that bet included in your inning pay-out, so if you aware awarded for example 50.00 as a free bet and you back something at 2/1 and it wins then your pay-out is just 100.00 and does not include the 50.00 stake the betting site awarded you to place that bet!

Deposit Match Betting Bonuses

Another much more popular type of betting bonus, that I am happy to announce quite a number of our top rated and featured betting site are going o allow you to claim as one of their new customers is one that is known as a deposit match bonus offer.

This type of bonus is usually awarded only to first time customers of any betting site, however some betting site also make them available to their loyal and regular customers and when they do so they are also known as reload bonus too.

The idea behind these types of bonus is that when you make a deposit and claim a match bonus, the betting site will credit you with a percentage of your deposits amount as bonus betting credits which you can then use to place your bets as normal.

However, the only downside of using such bonus betting credits is that you are usually required to place a certain volume of wagers, before your winnings achieved form those bonus credits are turned into real money credits.

So what you should be looking out for are those match bonuses that award you the highest percentage of your deposited amount, but only force you to place a minimal volume of wagers with your bonus betting credits before you can then cash out any winnings you have achieved.

Consolation Betting Bonuses

One final type of betting bonus that I would like to give you an insight into, as I just know that they are going to be of interest to regular punters are ones that are known as consolation bonuses.

Now, but making use of these types of offers and deals, the betting site is going to give you your stake money back as either cash or a free bet if your bet loses but loses due to something that the betting site predicted.

For example a betting site could offer you a consolation bet on a horse race if your bet loses but a horse they predict to win does win, or if your horses loses by a head, neck of length too.

I have seen plenty of consolation bets also being offered to football fans, and for example a betting site could offer you a consolation bet and your losing stakes return if one players score a hatrick, gets sent off or the match is determined by extra time or a penalty shoot out.

There really are going to be a huge array of different consolation betting promotional offers being made available to you, much more so at any of our featured betting sites, and one that does spring to mind is Paddy Power, who tend to make such offers available to their customers every single day of the week.

So if you are interested in getting event more betting value when betting on virtually all sporting events and sporting fixtures, do consider placing bets at betting site that are offering you such consolations bets!

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