Betting on the 2019 Central Division Winner

It does look like a foregone conclusion that the Milwaukee Bucks are heading for glory in the as the Central Division basketball winner in 2019, and therefore there isn’t much value to be had by backing them at their current win odds.

You can however shop around for a betting site that will give you odds on them winning, and by doing so it will be Coral that are offering the best odds, if you can call odds of 1/4  good odds that is.

Keep in mind that you will also be offered a range of different betting opportunities on all upcoming basketball matches in the Central Division at betting sites such as Coral, so there is the option of betting on individual matches at that betting site rather than just the outright winner of the division.

Basketball is often a game that can and does throw up some unusual results every now and then, and if you fancy looking a little further afield that the favourite to win that division then one team that could be worth backing is the second favourites that being the Indiana Pacers, and the odds are tempting to say the least at 3/1.

Detroit Pistons Third Favourites

There is one other basketball team that could, if everything does go their way, win this division, but they are certainly going to have to have a lot of luck in playing in 2019, and that team is the Detroit Pistons.

As for just what odds you are going to be rewarded with right now by backing them on the futures betting market at betting sites like Coral, well they are rock solid and on offer at odds of 13/2, so there is certainly some value to be had by placing a long term bet on them.

The Total Rank Outsiders

I doubt any of the other teams of which there are two of them playing in the US basketball Central Division that are going to win many matches next year, and the odds on them being crowned the champions of that division do give you a clear indication of their actual chances of doing so.

Those two rank outsiders are the Chicago Bulls and for anybody that is brave enough to back that team now on the futures betting markets are going to be rewarded with huge odds and those odds for reference are 250/1!

As for the team that is the total outsider and completely friendly in the betting markets, well that team is of course the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it would be a huge shock if they did manage to be crowned the champions on the Central Division in 2019, but for those of you out there that cannot resist placing a bet on them you will be able to secure odds of 500/1 on then, doing so.

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