Betting Update on France vs. Scotland

Rugby fans are going to be counting down the days until next weekend’s match between France and Scotland, for that Six Nations rugby matches promises to be a very exciting one to watch and it’s fair to say the result could go either way.

That does of course mean that from a betting point of view there are going to be more than enough of them available at various different betting sites, however when it comes to you bagging the best value via the highest possible odds it is the BetHard betting site you should be checking out.

There do have quite a number of unique betting markets currently on offer on that upcoming match, and I have selected a few of them to showcase to you below as you may fancy betting on that match and securing those higher than average odds.

As for the outright betting market well if you think it is going to be France that will come out on top next Saturday in this match then back them right now at 5/9, of you on the other hand think it will be Scotland that will come out on top their 7/5 odds may be tempting to you and the draw for reference is available at 18/1, but I seriously doubt it will end in a draw!

Handicap Odds

To give punters a few additional betting opportunities you will also find  handicap betting market available at BetHard and they have France listed with a 3.5 starting deficit in that match and are offering win odds of them overcoming that starting deficit and winning this match of 50/57.

As for the chance so Scotland winning that match with a 3.5 starting lead, well they must have an outstanding chance of winning with such a lead and their odds of winning on the BetHard handicap betting market are 50.57 with such a lead.

9 Half Time Full Time Betting Opportunities

Nine different half time full time bets are available, and as such if you want to have a much greater chance of winning a larger payout then it will be that betting market you should be checking out and trying to make sense of.

You can back the France – France half time and full time result at odds of 5/4, and odds of 2.1 are also available on the Scotland – Scotland result and odds of 70.1 are on offer if you think the match at half time will be a draw and also at full time too.

As for one team leading at half time then the matching ending in a d raw, well the odds on the France – Draw bet are 40/1 and odds of 40/1 are available on the France – Draw bet.

The four other last remain betting opportunities on this betting market are the France – Scotland bet that pays out at BetHard at odds of 6/1, the Scotland – France result is 11/2, and the Draw – France and Draw – Scotland bets are available at odds of 25/1 and 28/1 respectively.

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