Boosted Odds on this Weekends Premier League Matches

There are plenty of boosted odds available on this weekend’s Premier League matches, and what I have done below to help you make sense of those matches and the odds available is highlight several matches that BoyleSports are leading the way regarding the odds they are offering.

Take for example the very first match that caught my eye, that being the Huddersfield v Crystal Palace match, you can secure odds of 21/10 on the draw and also on the home team winning but if you prefer the chances of Crystal Palace winning that match their odds of doing so are 29/20!

Another match that does have a boosted set of odds attached to it is the Bournemouth v Leicester match on which Bournemouth look a truly best value bet at 13/10, in fact it is very true and fair to say the draw odds are 12/5 and the home team odds at 2/1 are certainly generous too!

However, the Newcastle v Arsenal match shouldn’t be too hard a match to predict the winner off and as such even though the odds on a Newcastle win at BoyleSports are high at 3/1 and the draw odds are fair at 13/5 you will probably not be able to resist backing Arsenal to win that match as 20/23 as they are looking like the team that will come home with the three points!

Best Odds on Sundays Premier League Matches

Just two matches are going to be kicking off this Sunday, but once again it is BoyleSports that are offering some of the best odds on each of those matches and as such that is where you should be placing your bets at!

In the Wolves v Burnley match the home team do look likely they should win it and if that is an opinion you have they are on offer at odds of 3/4, the draw odds are 12/5 and you can also back Burnley if you so desire at odds of 4/1!

The other Sunday match in the Premier League is the one between Everton and West Ham as far as just what odds you can secure on that match well Everton fans will be eager to mop up their win odds of 20/23, punters who think that the match will end in a draw will be ever eager to get the 13/5 on that outcome, and West Ham fans you can secure odds of 14/5 on your team winning too!

Monday Premier League Match

You may be wondering why I haven’t yet mentioned the Southampton v Brighton match, well that match is scheduled to kick off, weather permitting on Monday night, and there is no doubt in my mind that by betting at BoyleSports that you will be securing the best odds possible on whatever outcome you do fancy backing.

As for just what those odds are, well Southampton are the current favourites and the odds are BoyleSports are tempting, for the are offering even money on Southampton winning, you can back the draw at 23/10 and Brighton have some extremely appealing odds on them winning this match too and those odds are 14/5!

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