Boxing Betting Guide

boxing betting guideYou will certainly be very impressed with the way that the betting environments have progressed and evolved over the last few years, much more so if you wish to place your bets and wagers online as opposed to visiting a land based betting shop!

Betting on boxing matches is of course as popular as ever, however what you will soon discover when signing up to any of our featured betting sites, it the almost never ending type of bets you can place on any upcoming boxing bouts!

The most popular bet however is of course an outright winner bet, when placing such a bet the betting site you have chosen to sign up to is going to be offering you odds on either boxer, and you can then secure those odds instantly if you like.

Keep in mind though that you can also choose to bet that the bout will end in a draw, and whilst that is of course a fairly rare outcome of any boxing match, the odds available will be way higher than the outright win odds associated with each individual boxer winning!

Method of Victory

Another type of bet you can now place online or even when utilizing a betting app as your preferred way of placing boxing related bet is the method of victory bet, and that will then see you first having to decide just which boxer you think is going to win, but always the method he will win that bout too.

As there are several different possible ways that any boxing match could end the odds on offer will always be better than those offered to you from a betting site on their standard outright winner betting market, and as a punter you will always be looking for ways to get the maximum possible returns from your bets and wagers so that should be a betting market that you check out and make use of!

You will always be given five possible betting opportunities when making use of the method of victory betting markets and the first two will be each boxer to win the match by a KP, TKO or a disqualification.

You will also find that you can bet on either boxer to win a match on points, and there will also be a set of odds associated with the match ending in a draw.

Fight to Go the Distance Betting

Another very straight forward type of bet that you can choose to place on any upcoming boxing match will see you having to decide whether a match if going to go the full distance or not.

What you will always tend to find on such a  betting market is that the odds on whether a match will go the distance or not will be determined by the two boxers taking part in that match and whether they are closely matches on the outright betting markets or not.

The odds on offer to you will be listed on that type of betting market and it will of course be up to you to decide whether a match is going to go the distance in which case you bet yes, or if you think it will not go the full distance then you simply select no.

Whilst there is a 50/50 chance that you will pick the correct outcome the odds will never be even money, as there will always be a chance that the fight is much more likely to go the distance or not and the odds available will reflect the most likely outcome of any match!

Round to End Betting

There are of course going to be 12 scheduled rounds of any boxing match that you may be about to watch and may also fancy betting on, and as such if you would like to try and predict the round that the match will end in and the boxer that is going to win the match in the round you select then there is a betting market that will allow you to do just that.

The one thing I would always advise you to do is to spend some time trying to work out just which boxer and just which round the match will end in, as there is always the chance the match would end and be decided in any of those rounds and the odds on offer should be fairly decent no matter which boxer and round you select.

To give you an idea as to the most likely boxer to win and in which round, the odds listed will reflect the most likely outcome. Most punters however will choose to place more than one bet on this type of betting market to give them extra chances of winning.

Lays Odd on a Boxer to Lose

There is also one additional way that you can bet on any upcoming boxing match, and that is going to be by you laying odds instead of taking odds.

What you are going to have to do if you fancy offering your own set of odds on any boxer winning a boxing match and then taking bets off other punters is to simply sign up to a betting change such as Betfair, and then working out what odds you would like to offer other punters in the hope that they place bets with you instead of via a bookmaker.

If the boxer that you lay odds on loses the match then you get to keep the stakes of the other betting exchange users who have placed a bet with you, but if the boxer those other punters have bet on with you, then you have to pay them out their winning at the odds you offered them, based on the stake those punters wagered.

Many people do enjoy betting on betting exchanges for it can often put them in a position whereby they can hedge bets they have placed by laying odds themselves and could see them locking in a  profit when betting on boxing matches!

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