Brazil is the Copa America 2019 Favourite

The one team that plenty of people are currently backing to win the Copa America this year is Brazil, and due to the sheer volumes of wagers placed on that team their odds of winning have been dropping over the last couple of weeks, but there is still time to back them at some decent odds.

However, to be in a position to do just that you are going to have to hunt around and compare the odds being offered to you at various different betting sites, and never be in too much of a rush by the way to accept the first odds you come across.

Betting sites such as Betfair will of course allow you to back any team you fancy winning or if you prefer you can lay your own set of odds on any team you think will lose, and as far as placing an outright win on Brazil one betting site that is popular with punters is Quinnbet.

They do of course have odds on offer on all teams that are taking part in Copa America 2019 and their current odds on Brail may just be tempting of you, for they are going 11/8 on them winning, but be warned those odds will not be around for very much longer!

Argentina are a Sound Bet at 3/1

If you are of the mind that Brazil will not be champions this season and take home with them the Copa America, then you can of c course lay your own set of odds on them at betting exchanges such as Betfair.

However, with Quinnbet currently offering them as their second favourite to win on their betting market for this competition and as they are offering some truly generous odds, on them of 3/1 there is still time to secure those higher than average outright win odds if you are quick.

Chile are an Interesting Bet

Let’s face some facts here, both Brazil and Argentina are the teams most punters are backing and they are the two teams that most bookies are of the mind are going to have the best chances of winning this competition.

That doesn’t of course mean that either of those two team will prevail and win of course, and that then opens the door to teams such as Chile at 7/1 who do have a fair and very reasonable chance of pipping those two teams to the top spot.

As for the other teams involved in the 2019 Copa America well you have Uruguay at 17/2 and Colombia at 9/1 and there are three current 22/1 shots those teams being Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru too.

But as far as Venezuela and Japan go their win odds are high and their chances of winning are low but there odds right now could tempt a few punters being as those odds are 40/1 and you can bet on Bolivia at 50/1 and Qatar at 100/1 if you feel either of those two teas are going to win, but I seriously doubt they will!

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