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best betting sites ukAs part of our ongoing service to present and showcase to you only the very best UK betting sites, sportsbooks and bookmakers, this review is going to be enlightening you on what Bruce Betting have to offer you are a punter.

It is worth me pointing out to you that they originally started out as a land based betting shop operator, and still do operate betting offices across the UK, so they do have vast experience regarding both knowing what punters look for and demand and also to giving punters a fully rounded betting experience.

Their recently launched online betting site has been designed in such way that it is one of the easiest ones to use online, if fact when I recently gave it a try it took me just a few minutes to sign up, deposit, claim their welcome bonus offer and then start to place my bets.

Now I do know that you may already have chosen your own personal favourite betting site at which you tend to gamble at regularly, but please do consider signing up to Bruce Betting, for with their early prices and odds boosters you are often going to find the odds they do have on offer are some of the highest in the industry.

But is it always your decision as to just which betting sites you will end up signing up to, and with that in mind please do read on and then make a well balanced decision as to whether they will live up to your expectations, which by the way I am more than confident they will do!

Bigger and Better Bonuses and Promotions

The sign up bonus available to you at Bruce Betting is designed in such a way that it is spread out over one full year, and as such you are going to be able to claim a free bet each week for one full year from the day you click on our links to take you to their website and then sign up to their recently launched online betting site!

However, do not be under the impression that is all you are going to be able to claim for thanks to their early betting markets, guaranteed best odds promotions and their daily odds boosters you are always going to be able to lock in the absolute maximum betting value when betting with them!

As with all online betting site bonuses and promotional offers you should always read through the terms and conditions attached to them carefully, however unlike some of the many other sportsbooks you will come across online Bruce Betting have kept their T’s and C’s to the minimum.

Therefore you will never be faced with having to spend hours reading through their terms and conditions to finally work out if the bonuses and promotions they refer to are worth claiming or not!

Being a UK facing betting site you do also have the ability of funding your account using GBP and will also be able to place your bets using Pounds Sterling too, and all winnings are paid out quickly too!

User-Friendly Betting Platform

Long before Brice Betting launched their online betting site, they put a lot of time and effort into researching just what online punters look for and demand from such a site, and then they spared no expense ensuring the betting platform they designed was both easy to use but highly advanced too.

As Bruce Betting have their own team of in-house odds compilers they are then able to offer their own unique set of odds and sports betting opportunities too, unlike some other betting sites that outsource their odds compiling to third party companies, which means many betting sites offer a standard set of odds and just a limited number of betting opportunities too.

You do have the option of setting your own personal deposit limits and loss limits too, so if you are the type of punter that can get carried away every now and then, please do make use of those option settings to allow you to preset just who much you are prepared to deposit and wager on each session you have betting at Bruce Betting!

It may also be beneficial for you to follow Bruce Betting on Twitter, if you use that social media platform, as they are always tweeting out their very latest special offers and you can also make contact with their team via Twitter too if you have any questions or simply want to have the ability of interacting with their team online, which many people like to do!

All Sporting Events Covered

Thousands of different sporting events are offered to customers of the Bruce Betting site every single day of the week, which does of course mean that no matter what types of sporting event you wish to place a bet on you will find them listed on that betting platform.

But do keep in mind that they do offer multiple additional bets on each sporting event they cover, so you will not be just limited to for example placing an outright winner bet or an each-way bet!

Soccer and Rugby fans are going to find a plethora of unique best available on all upcoming matches and plenty of odds boosters are available on those matches too. Fans of Horse and Greyhound racing will be able to place pooled bets such as straight forecasts and exactas too.

They also offer in-play betting opportunities too, so if you are sitting down watching a Golf tournament, Darts Tournament or even Tennis or Motorsport matches or races then you will be able to continue betting on those events as they are in live play.

Therefore is no doubt in my mind that no matter what sports you enjoy watching and betting on, Bruce Betting are going to be offering you the most comprehensive set of betting opportunities on each of them.

Take a look over their website right now if you like, for by doing so you will not be obliged to have to sign up to simply peruse the odds and betting markets they currently have on offer.

Instant Bet Settlement and Full Audit Trail

Once you have chosen a sporting event to bet on the Bruce Betting online betting platform you will be presented with live up to the minute odds on that sporting event and you can then secure the odds available instantly and will of course have the option of choosing just grow much you wish to place on that bet too.

Every single bet you place will be given its own unique transaction number, and you will have a full audit trail and log of every single bet you have placed too.

That will of course enable you to check when your bets were placed, the potential winnings and when the best were settled too, and they do have low to very high betting limits too!

I should point out that the online betting platform at Bruce Betting is fully automated, which means as soon as the official results are known on each sporting event your bets will then be settled, so you will never be hanging around waiting for your bets to be manually settled, which is something you may just experience when you bet at some other online betting sites!

Banking and Customer Support

The final thing I would like to draw your attention to regarding the Bruce Betting site is that they do have a banking interface on which you are always going to be able to make a deposit, of any amount, small or large, using a payment option that is completely convenient to you.

I would urge you to consider using a debit card if you do have one available, as by doing so all payments are instantly processed when making a deposit into your account, and your bank will not charge you any ridiculous fees for making such a deposit, plus Bruce Betting will then be able to pay you out your winnings directly to your bank account too.

However if you would prefer to use a prepaid voucher, a web wallet or even a  credit card to fund your Bruce Betting account then they do accept those methods too.

Please do be aware though that you do need to be over the age of 18 to sign up and gamble at Bruce Betting, and they are required by law to ask for copies of your identity documents such as a passport and a recent utility bill, so that they can verify your account, and once done you will then benefit from rapid winning pay-outs and will be showered with ongoing promotional offers too.

Customer support is also on hand 24 hours a day, so if you have any questions regarding signing up, making a deposit or a withdrawal or even want to know how to place a bet, then you can always get in touch with their support team, morning noon or night.

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