Celtic a Safe Bet for the Scottish Premiership Title

The title race for the Scottish Premiership is, for most people, a foregone conclusion, for Celtic are flying high and it is going to be something of a miracle if any of the other teams in that league manage overtake them at the top of the league by the end of the season.

In fact, punters have been pouring their money on a win for Celtic for quite some time now, and if you are a tad late to the party, which sadly you are, then as far as still being able to get some decent odds on Celtic winning the Scottish Premiership you are going to have to do some hunting around.

That is something I spent the morning doing, and the only betting site that I did find that was offering anything you could call fair and reasonable odds on Celtic was Paddy Power, and as such if you do want to back them to be crowned champions of that league this season you need to get a move on and visit their betting site.

However, do not expect to be offered some amazing odds, for as you would expect Celtic are longs odds on to win that title this season, and the odds that Paddy Power still have on offer, but only if you get a move on, are 1/7! So you will have to decide if they are worth the risk for those small potential returns.

Rangers Still in With a Slight Chance of Glory

Looking at the state of play in the Scottish Premiership this season, the only possible team that could beat Celtic, but it will still be a huge shock if they manage to do so is Rangers.

As for what Paddy Powers team of odds compilers think the likelihood of that being the case and Rangers walking off with the league title, well they have them available at 9/2 if you are interested.

Hearts, Aberdeen and Others

Looking at the next team in the betting market, you will find it is Hearts that are sat there but with some truly huge odds attached to them, for they are an 80/1 shot to win the league title this year and it can only be diehard fans of theirs that would take those odds.

The same can also be said for the likes of Aberdeen for can anybody out there seriously see them coming out on top this season based on the way they have been playing, but if you can then take advantage of the 90/1 odds that Paddy Power are offering right now.

Kilmarnock and next in the betting market and their odds are now in three figures at 100/1, and if you are a believer in miracles then you will be probably interested in having a bet on the likes of Hibernian or St Johnstone, or even Motherwell or Livingston and by doing so you will be offered unbelievable odds, but fair odds of 500/1 on each of them!

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