Chelsea vs. Newcastle Bet of the Weekend

Let’s face it, Newcastle haven’t got any hope of winning or even scraping through their match this weekend against Chelsea with a draw, and as such you should be including Chelsea in ever multiple bet and Acca bet that you are planning on placing this weekend.

Getting decent odds though on that match could prove to be troublesome as every bookie in the land isn’t going to want to lay them at any odds, however over at the 10Bet betting site they are standing all bets on the home team to win and offering a decent set of odds on that match too.

Chelsea for those of you that do want to get a boost to you bankroll should be taking the 20/87 odds that 10Bet are offering on a Chelsea win, and including  them in all Acca bets you place this coming weekend too.

For those diehard fans of Newcastle however, well you can back the draw if you do desire at odds of 5/1, or lay your money down and pray for a miracle and back Newcastle to win and be rewarded with some huge odds of 12/1, just don’t expect that bet to be a winning one though!

Include Arsenal in a Double

You can of course place any number of teams in an Acca bet, however with the odds on Chelsea not being overly huge you could always perm them in a double with another team that is expected to win and one match to do so is the West Ham vs. Arsenal match this weekend.

As for just what odds you are going to be offered well West Ham fans can remain loyal to their team and take the 51/20 odds currently on offer and those of you that think the match will go the way of a draw can take the 27/10 odds too, however the savvy punters out there will be laying into Arsenal to win that match at 21/20.

Leicester vs. Southampton

You should enjoy watching the above two matches, however if you fancy including another one in your Acca bet and taking the number of teams up to three of them then there is a lot to like about the way Leicester have been playing recently.

Much more so when you realise they are up against Southampton this weekend, as such you should be taking the even money on a Leicester win as win is what I am expecting them to do, for reference the draw odds on that match are 12/5 and you can back Southampton at 29/10 too.

One other match that could go the way of the favourite is the Crystal Palace vs. Watford match that will also be kicking off this coming Saturday the 12th of December.

A quick glance at the odds will reveal that Crystal Palace are in with a chance of winning at 5/4, and that is a much more likely outcome than the draw at odds of 9/4 or a Watford win at 47/20!

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