Community Shield Chelsea v Man City Betting

The Community Shield match between Chelsea and Manchester City is of course kicking off this Sunday, and I am sure if you are a fan of either team then there will be a good chance that you fancy placing a bet on that team.

If so I would urge you to pay a visit to any of our featured betting sites, but much more so BetFred for they are offering some true values odds on that match!

But if your loyalties lay with Chelsea then you can secure some industry leading odds on them winning that match at the Betfred betting site, which currently are 5/2 on them winning, in fact if you fancy betting that the match will end in a draw you can also get 5/2 on that being the outcome of the match too!

However, it does appear to be the case that the smart money is currently piling in on Manchester City to win that match, and if that is what you think is going to be the most likely income the odds you can currently secure are 21/20.

But do make sure that you bet sooner rather than later, for if you do delay doing so you may find those odds listed above have been snapped up and they could be reduced in value, and you can also bag a high valued betting bonus when signing up to Betfred as a new customer of their online betting site, so jeep that in mind too!

Will Chelsea and Manchester City Both Score?

One bet which offers you a 50/50 of winning is the both teams to score bet, which I have only seen being offered at the Betfred betting site.

If you do think that at some point in time during the match both teams are going to score at least one goal each then you can secure odds of 8.13/ However, if you think both teams are not going to score at least one goal the odds available on that being the case are 6/5!

Ccommunity Shield Correct Score Betting

For the biggest pay-out odds on this Community Shield match you should be looking at placing a correct score bet, whilst there are of course plenty of possible scores the match could end with, there is no getting away from the simple fact that by you correctly predicting the score you will be rewarded with some very high valued pay-out odds.

If you are of the mind that Chelsea will win this match some of the most likely correct scores most punters will be selecting include 1-0 at 12/1, 2-0 at 18/1, 2-1 at 11/1 or even Chelsea to win 3-0 at 40/1 or even 3-1 at 25/1.

Manchester City is of course the favourite to win this match and as such some of the possible correct scores and their respective odds on Manchester City winning are 1-0 at 15/2, 2-0 at 10/1, 2-1 at 15/2 and also 3-0 at 16/1 or 3-1 at 14/1.

As for the correct score draw odds, they are 0-0 at 11/1, 1-1 at 6/1, 2-2 at 11/1 and also 3-3 at 40/1!

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