Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket is of course a sport that is played around the world and at different times of the year too; however in the UK it is in the summer months that you are going to be faced with a plethora of cricket matches and a huge number of betting opportunities on each of those matches too.

This guide is going to help you make sense of the many different types of bets and wagers that can be placed on all cricket matches. However, keep in mind some betting sites may offer you many additional bets per match than others.

The most commonly placed cricket bet is an outright winner bet, and all you are faced with having to do when placing such a bet is to decide which team you think is going to win a match, and the amount you wish to place on that bet.

It will be the odds you take when placing the bet as to how much you will receive back as winning if that team you select to win does go on to win, and often the odds are presents as fixed odds, which means the odds are not going to change no matter what volumes of cash are placed on either team.

The savviest sports bettors however will be aware that different betting sites are going to be offering their own set of odds, so always spend some time comparing just what outright win odds are available from a handful of betting sites when betting on a cricket match, to ensure you secure the highest odds available.

Top Runscorer / Wicket Taker Markets

One betting market that is bound to give you a financial interest in any upcoming cricket match is the top Runscorer betting market, on which as the name of this type of bet does suggest is a bet on which you are faced with trying to predict just which player will score the most runs in any cricket match.

Now much punters and fans of the sport of cricket alike are going to have one layer they do enjoy watching and possibly admire, but try not to bet with your heart when placing such a bet, as it may not be the most fancied player that will end up scoring the most runs, and it could pay dividends for you to select one the lesser fancies players to score.

There is also going to be the opportunity for you to bet on the top wicket taker of any match too, and once again you are going to be faced with picking out the player that will take the most wickets in any one single match, and each player will have odds associated with him on doing so.

As the odds are going to be much more generous and higher on both of those two betting markets I would certainly consider placing a bet on either or both of them if you are looking for the potential to win some much higher amounts for a much smaller stake amount than you ever could when betting on the outright betting markets!

Most Sixes and Total Sixes

Every player will of course want to score as many sixes as they possibly can when they take to the pitch, and there are a couple of betting opportunities and betting markets that are going to be offering you a way of betting on players and teams scoring sixes.

One betting markets found at most online and mobile betting sites is going to allow you to place a bet on just how many sixes are going to be score in any one match, however rather than offer odds on each possible number of sixes scored betting sites will pick an average number and then let you try and predict if the total number of sizes will be higher or lower than the number.

Take for example if a betting site lists 11.5 as their chosen average number of sixes, you are then going to be able to place a bet that there will be lower than 11.5 sizes scored in a  match or over 11.5 sizes scored in a match.

You may also be offered the opportunity of picking the team that you think is going to score the most sizes, or possibly with player is going to score the most sizes too. But always check through the odds available or with so many different betting opportunities the odds on some of the teams and players can be high, but the odds always will represent their winning chances of course!

Handicap and Each-Way Cricket Match Betting

There are also going to be a range of handicap betting markets along with each-way betting opportunities on all cricket matches.

What you will often find is that when one team is very long odds-on to win a match a betting site will give their opponent a head start regarding the number of runs and possibly wickets they will start a match with, and as such that will then allow those betting site to offer better and higher win odds on the favourite.

When you fancy betting on a cricket team to win a league or win any upcoming cricket tournament then you will have the opportunity of placing an each-way bet.

An each-way bet if you have never placed or come across one before is a bet made up of two parts, the first part of that bet that requires a stake equal to the second part is a win bet, so the team you select must win the league or win a cricket tournament and if your chosen team does the win part of the bet is paid out at the odds you took.

The second part of that bet is a place bet which will be deemed to be a winning one if for example you team finishes in first or second place in the league or tournament, the pay-out odds you will be awarded with will be a percentage of the win odds, as determined by the betting site you are betting at!

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