Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting

Punters can have place and each-way bet or a simply outright winner bet on the team they think is going to shine in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, but if you plan on doing the former then make sure you find a bookie offering the best each-way betting terms as not all of them are.

As for just what the best each-way betting terms are going to be on the Cricket World Cup, well do not bet at any bookies offering less than one quarter the full odds on the place part of such a bet and all bookies are of course paying out to two places too.

I doubt it is going to be worth betting each-way though on some of the much more fancied teams to win, for the current favourite is England at 7/4, and as such if you do fancy their chances then an outright winner will be the best course of action.

The same can also be said for the second favourite, that team currently is of course India, and there have been plenty of punters backing India to win, and given their current 5/2 odds, they do look like a solid bet and one that may just pay off.

Australia Current Third Favourite to Win

Moving onto another team that has been attracting a fair bit of support recently, you have Australia and it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if they did well in this competition, and their chances are reflected in their odds which currently stand at around the 7/2 mark.

A couple of other teams that have something of an outstanding chance are New Zealand who can be backed at odds of 8/1, and the only other team I feel has any reasonable chance of success is the West Indies who are easy to back at odds of 9/1.

World Cup Cricket Teams with Little Chance of Winning

It is only going to be the most loyal of fans that are going to back the final five teams involved in this year’s Cricket World Cup for on the balanced of form none of them have a realistic chance of success it does have to be said.

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have a bet on any of them if you think any team could win, and therefore allow me to give you an insight into just what odds are available on each of those outsiders.

You have Pakistan who were once a very good team now trading at odds of 20/1, and then you have South Africa whose odds are double those of the Pakistan team being 40/1.

It would be a miracle if Bangladesh did go on to win the Cricket World Cup this year for their odds have never been higher at 100/1, and then you have Sri Lanka who are friendless isn’t he betting markets at huge odds of 200/1.

As for the team that has the honour of being the rank outsiders, well that is Afghanistan and even though their odds are tempting at 500/1, I cannot see many punters backing them at those massive odds.

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