Cycling Betting Guide

bet on cyclingIf you can think of a category of sport, then no matter at which of our featured betting sites you choose to visit you are going to be guaranteed of finding plenty of betting markets and betting opportunities surrounding that sport, and this guide is going to be giving you an insight into just what you can bet on regarding cycling events.

As you may one day fancy betting on a cycling tournament or race, I will start off by letting you know just which the most common and most popular cycling related bet is, and why it is so popular and then will take a look at some of the more unique and exotic bet types too.

As far as a straight forward and popular bet that is one in which you are faced with nothing more complicated than having to try and predict which rider is going to win an individual cycle race or cycling tournament.

You simply list their name on your betting slip, select a stake and then you will be able to secure the current odds on that rider, and if they go on to win then you outright winner bet wins too.

It is worth me point out though that the odds available on an outright winner betting market will always tend to vary from betting site to betting site, and that does of course mean you should spend as much time as you need comparing the win odds available at several betting sites until you find one offering you he very highest odds!

Multiple Place Betting Opportunities

As there are always going to be a huge number of competitors taking part in any cycling race and event, then you are going to have a much better chance of winning if you opt for a place type of bet rather than an outright winner type of bet.

However, what I would strongly urge you to do is to checkout a range of our featured betting sites and sportsbooks, as they will all be offering you a range of different place related cycling betting opportunities.

The most common type of place bet on this sport is one on which you are required to pick out a rider that you think is going to find in one of the top 5 positions on the race or in any stage of the race such as when betting on the Tour de France.

You will also find some betting sites will be offering you a place betting market on which you can pick out a rider in the hope that he will finish in one of the top 10 positions on the race or stage of the race instead.

But be aware the most places that a betting site or bookmaker will be paying you out too, the lower the odds on each rider will then become, but obviously the higher the number of places, the greater the chance of your chosen rider finishing in one of those places will then become!

Stage Winner and Yellow Jersey Winner

It will be of course the Tour de France that most sports bettors will want to have a financial interest in, regarding cycling events, however always be aware that throughout the racing season there are also going to be some other major cycling events being held all over the world.

As long as you do make the very wise decision of betting at any of our featured sports betting sites, then there is no doubt in my mind that those betting sites will be offering you a range of different betting markets and different betting opportunities on each race you do fancy having a financial interest in!

When it comes to the Tour de France though you can pick out which rider you think is going to be awarded the yellow jersey, and every single rider taking part in each stage of that event will have their own unique set of odds attached and associated with them.

You will also have the opportunity of betting on any rider to win each individual stage of that major cycling event, and that is often when it can pay dividends for you to back some of the riders that are not necessarily the favourite to win any single stage, as it is often the case that one of the lesser fancied riders could win any stage, and the lesser fancied those riders are the bigger their odds will become!

Each Way Cycling Event Betting

You can of course bet well in advance of any cycling related event or race starting, as most betting sites these days tend to open their ante post betting markets well in advance of any race or event starting.

In fact, take for example the Tour de France as that will be a cycling event you are very familiar with, as soon as that annual event comes to a close betting sites across the globe then open their ante post betting markets on the following years event, so you do have plenty of time to place your bets and wagers on the next one!

However, when it comes to betting on any rider you are convinced is going to do well, what you should be doing is betting not only on the ante post cycling betting markets, but also consider placing an each-way bet on your chosen rider too.

An each-way cycling related bet will be a two part bet, on which you stake is divided into two parts, the first part of that type of bet will cover the rider you name coming first in a race, and the odds you secure when placing such a bet will be the ones you are paid out to.

The other part of that bet covers your chosen rider in a  place bet, and the number of places betting sites will pay you and the percentage of the win odds you will get paid out to too will vary from betting site to betting site, so always be aware of that fact!

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