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Don’t Forget the Irish Lotto This Weekend!

It s on both a Wednesday night and once again on a Saturday night that you can of course place a bet on any numbers that you think are going to be rolling out of the Irish Lotto machine.

That twice weekly draw is one on which the odds of predicting from one to five numbers is slightly easier is does have to be said that trying to win on the UK Lottery, and that is one of the main reasons all bookies are going to allow you to bet on it!

As such if you do fancy a change from your usual sports related bets this weekend, it may just pa dividends for you to throw a quid or two on that Irish Lotto, however it will be dependent on just which bookies you place your bets at, as to just how much you will get paid out.

For reference there are 47 numbers in the Irish Lotto and if you choose to bet at Ladbrokes they will allow you bet with our without the bonus ball being included in your numbers, and you are also going to be able to bet on one to six numbers too.

Betting with the Bonus Ball

If you place a bet on the Irish Lotto with the bonus ball then if you just pick out one single number and that number is drawn out as one of the six main numbers or it is the bonus ball your stake will be boosted by 6 times its value.

However, the payouts get larger in value the more number you do pick, but they all much make an appearance on draw night, two numbers correctly predicted will see your stakes being multiplier by x 39, or x376 for three numbers, x3800 for four numbers and by a huge x40000 for five numbers correctly predicted.

Betting without the Bonus Ball

For the chance of winning even more cash on the Irish Lotto then you should consider betting without the bonus ball being included, for by picking out just one single number correctly form the first six numbers drawn only the payout is x7.

You may prefer picking out two numbers instead from the first six drawn out of the lottery machine and the payout for such a winning bet is x 54, even higher valued payouts are on offer on the three, four and five number bets.

Ladbrokes will multiply your stakes by a very impressive and generous x 701  if you pick out three numbers from the very first six drawn out of the Irish Lotto machine, and will boost you stake by a huge 7200 its value if you ever place a winning our number bet.

As for just how much you stand to win if you strike gold and correctly pick five numbers that are drawn out for the first six numbers drawn on the Irish Lotto, well that payout will see your stake being multiplied by an awe inspiring 125000 its value!

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