Don’t Miss Out on Acca Bet Insurance Today!

Having your winnings and stake money rolled over from one selection to the next that you have placed on an Accumulator bet or as they are lovingly now known “Acca” bets is what you will see happening if you place such a bet.

They have been popular with horse and greyhound racing for decades, but more and more football bettors have started to place such bets, and many betting sites will have football coupons on which you can place an Acca bet if you so desire.

They are no better or worse than any other bet you can play to be perfectly honest, and the returns can be significant if all goes well, but there are of course risks attached to each Acca bet you place for unlike bets such as Lucky 15’s and the like, if one of your selections loses then so does your Acca bet!

Having said that though what you are going to find is that as an added incentive to get you to place these types of bets on any sporting events, more and more bookies are going to be giving you one of two types of bonuses on them, and with that in mind below you will get an overview of what those bonuses are.

Boosted Acca Pay-Outs

Some betting sites such as Coral offer their customers a bonus pay-out when they place Acca bets with them, either online, on their mobile app and often in their land-based betting shops too.

That bonus pay-out will be a percentage of your winnings; however, it will often be the number of selections you place on an Acca bet and each of them must of course win for you to get that enhanced winning pay-out.

Do check out the Coral betting website for more details, and whilst you are there also take a look at their sign up bonus and its terms and conditions, but make sure that you click on any of our Coral links to qualify for that sign up bonus!

Acca Insurance Explained

To be fair, most punters that are placing an Acca bet are not going to place huge stakes on them, for even when betting for tiny stakes, if you do pick out some high-priced selections on such a bet and they all win the winnings really can mount up.

Have a look at betting sites such as Ladbrokes and 10 Bet if you do fancy placing a low stake Acca type of bet, for they are often the bookies that will be offering you something known as Acca Insurance.

How that insurance works is that when you place a certain number of selections on your Acca bet, as per the betting sites terms and conditions, if just one of your selections loses then they will give you your stake money back as a free bet.

As for just what limit they will have on the stakes they will return to you as a free bet, that will vary from site to site of course, however you will usually find most bookies will give you up to £10 back as a free bet if one of your selections does let you down!

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