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It can seem quite unusual for someone who first comes across e-sports betting, that anybody would be interested in placing bet on a competitor that is taking part in a video game type of competition, however e-sports betting has become big business over the years.

The sheer number of events that are held throughout the year is growing quite significantly, and every eager to offer their customers as many betting opportunities as possible, you will find that most of our featured and top rated betting site are going to be offering you betting markets on most upcoming e-sports events!

The odds on offer and the type of bets you can place on e-sports events are just as wide and varied as they are when you set about betting on any type of sporting event, and to help you make sense of the types of bets you can place and to also give you an insight into just what e-sport tournaments and competitions that there are available these days, I have compiled the following guide.

Just be aware though that as someone who is betting on any sporting events, the onus is off course on you to shop around and to compare the odds being offered to you at a range of different betting sites.

You will find the odds on each competitor can of course vary dependent on where you choose to place your bets, but often if a betting site is sponsoring any e-sports event, the odds available will often be way higher at those betting sites than at any other, and often a range of additional extra bonuses or consolation bets will be on offer at those betting sites too!

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Outright E-Sports Betting Markets

One thing that you will very quickly discover when you do start to take an interest in any type of e-sports events is that there will often be one competitor taking part in them that is the red-hot favourite to win.

That does of course mean that if you fancy betting on that favourite to win the odds available at going to be fairly low, however that is where it will always be beneficial for you to shop around from betting site to betting site to ensure you are getting the best possible odds available.

The odds available will also vary in value on all other competitors at different betting sites too, and you will often find it is those betting site that have their own odds compilers that are going to be offering you the very best odds on such events, rather than betting site that are simply outsourcing their odds compiling!

In fact, what I would also suggest you do if you fancy looking in even greater value is to sign up to as many of our featured betting sites that you are not already a customer off. By doing so when you do find an e-sports betting opportunity you fancy placing a bet on, by doing so at those betting sites you will also qualify instantly for their welcome bonus offer when placing such a bet!

Each-Way and Place E-sports Betting Odds

As there can be and often is a huge number of competitors that are taking part in any e-sports tournament and e-sports competitions, being faced with having to pick out the outright winner of such events can seem quite daunting, and as such you may fancy placing a slightly lower risk type of bet instead.

As such you will find that when you do peruse the e-sports betting markets at any of our featured and approved online and mobile sports betting sites and apps, you will be given the opportunity of placing either and each-way bet or a place bet instead.

When you opt to place a bet on the pace betting markets the odds you will find displayed on them will be for each player finishing in the top positions on any e-sports tournament. Obviously though you do need to be away that the actual number of places each betting site will pay you out to can and will vary as will the odds they offer too.

You can also place an each-way bet which as you will probably known is a two part type of bet on which you are backing one entrant to win and also covering them to finish in one of the top few positions on the leader board, and the place part of the bet will award a percentage of the win odds to you if your chosen entrant does get placed high up on the leader board in that e-sports tournament.

Multiple E-Sports Bets

If for example you enjoy betting on horse racing or greyhound racing, you may often find yourself for example placing a Yankee or Lucky 15 type of bet when you wish to place a range of multiple types of bets on horses and greyhounds running in different races and often at different race meetings too.

You may therefore will be interested to lean that you are also going to be able to place such bets on competitors that are taking part in different e-sports events, in fact some e-sports competitions will be made up of different rounds or heats and as such that is when you will have the opportunity of placing such bets if you fancy doing so.

You can of course place a good old accumulator type of bet on e-sports events too, and to do so you simply need to name the entrants that you thing are going to win a range of different tournaments or heats and have them all permed together in one single bet.

You will of course need to have picked out the winner of each event you have included in an accumulator bet for it to be a winning one, but you could win big on such bets when you do so as the stakes and winnings roll over onto each competitor you have named and listed on such a bet.