Early Betting Odds on the Sheffield Shield

It is your decision to make if you want to bet on some long term cricket bets, and one that may not instantly spring to mind is the Sheffield Shield competition that is played out over in Australia.

Being a domestic cricket competition and one that does not have a huge number of teams taking part in it, you have a fair chance of winning if of course you can pick out the team that is likely to win it, and the futures betting markets are where you should be looking for those better odds.

Take for example the Coral betting site, they are famed for their generous odds offered to punters that are prepared to place any number of long term bets, and as such I will be quoting their respective early odds on that competition below.

As for whom it appears to be the team that must punters are backing early to be the Sheffield Shield winner at the end of the upcoming season, well that honour falls on Victoria but their current odds are high to be fair at Coral as they are offering 6/4 on them winning.

Western Australia the Second Favourite

The form of Western Australia does give them a very fair and reasonable chance of winning the Sheffield Shield, and I certainly wouldn’t put you off backing them as their current win odds are appealing being as they are 3/1.

There has also been a fair amount of early support of New South Wales so much so in fact they are rock solid at 4/1 and are therefore the current third favourite to win the title.

The Rest of the Cricket Teams

Any of the so called outsiders to win the title could of course do so, but to be fair to them they will have to markedly up their game so to speak in their respective upcoming matches, however for those of you who are prepared to ignore the form of teams such as Queensland will be rewarded with some very tempting odds which are for reference currently 5/1.

As for the chances of Tasmania however, well they are going to need thing to perfectly fall into place for them in their upcoming matches, but not many people think they have any chance what so ever of sinning the Sheffield Shield for the foreseeable future!

You may however be a fan of that team and if so then you should be grabbing with both hands their current 9/1 outright win odds, for those odds will drop significantly make no mistake about that if they do find their form!

There is of course always going to be one team that not many punters fancy backing, and the currently rank outsider to win this cricket competition in Australia is South Australia, but as is always the case there will be some punters out there’re who are prepared to take their chances on the rank outsider and as such will be very eager to mop up their current outright win odds which are high at 20/1!

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