England v India 3rd Test Betting

Sadly from a betting point of view, if you fancy placing a bet on England to win the 3rd Test which does of course start on the 18th August, you are going to have to place some truly enormous sized bets to get anything back in winnings.

The reason for me saying that is that England are currently available to win that event at odds of 1/33, and I do doubt any punters are going to want to bet £33.00 to win just £1.00!

However, with their odds being so low and so unappealing, that has the effect of pushing out both the draw odds and the odds on India winning to some rather large ones, in fact at betting sites such as Betfred you are going to be able to take odds on the Draw of 16/1.

You may of course be a huge fan of India, and fancy placing a bet on them just in case through some miracle they do win the 3rd Test, and if you are prepared to put your faith in them you will be rewarded with odds of an India win of 25/1. But both the win odds along with the draw odds do give you an indicator of just how unlikely those two outcomes will be of course!

Bet on the Top England Series Run Scorer

As far as which England player is going to be crowned the top series run scorer, there are two players that are much more likely to be the top run scorer, and if you fancy backing either of those two favourites they are Jonny Bairstow at 8/11 and Joe Root at 6/4.

Three other players that are also in with a chance but a small one of being the top series run scorer are Alistair Cook, Chris Woakes and Keaton Jennings at available to back at odds of 16/1. Jos Buttler is also in with a slight chance and his odds are 28/1 and both Ben Stokes and Same Curran are 33/1!

Betting Opportunities on the Top England Series Wicket Taker

There is also a very mixed bag of odds that are currently available if you fancy betting on which England player you think is going to be the top series Wicket Takers, and as far as who the smart money is going on that player is of course James Anderson at 1/5!

However, anything could happen and it may just be Stuart Broad who managed to take the most wickets and if he is someone you do fancy backing you can currently secure odds on him doing so of 7/1.

As for a few outsiders who have a small chance of taking the most wickets in the series for England you need to look at the likes of Same Curran and Ben Stokes at 12/1, or possibly consider a bet on some players with huge odds attached to them and those include Chris Woakes at 20/1 and possibly even Adil Rashid at 50/1 too!

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