England vs India Second Test

I am sure if you are a fan of the sport of cricket you have been having an enjoyable time watching the matches that have so far been played out this summer. However, there are of course plenty of them still to come and now is the time you need to start placing your bets on the England vs India Second Test if you do fancy having a financial interest in that match.

One thing to note if that is something you are considering doing is that every single one of our featured betting sites are offering odds on that match, which Betfred currently leading the way with the odds they have to offer you!

The easiest type of cricket bet to understand if you are interested in betting on the England vs India 2nd Test is a match winner bet, and when placing that type of bet you have three possible outcomes to pick from, either that the match will end in a draw or one of the two opposing cricket teams will beat the other one.

As far as the odds available go, you can bet on the Draw at 4/1, of you can place a wager on the current favourite to win that match, that of course being England at 10/11, or if you prefer you can bet on India to win and by doing so right now you can secure odds of 7/4 on them doing just that!

Match Winner without the Draw

One type of betting markets that Betfred are famed for offering is one in which you can bet on either team to win but with the Draw removed form that betting market, and that do then affect the odds available on other team winning match outright.

Therefore if you do fancy the chances of England on this betting market you are going to be offered right now odds of 4/7 on them winning, the odds on India winning are 5/4, but do consider whether this is going to be the ideal betting market to make use of.

Other England vs India Betting Opportunities

There are a couple of additional bets that may be of interested to you on the England vs India match and one of them which you will certainly know the outcome of is who will win the toss before the match starts!

So if you do fancy placing a bet on which has a 50/50 outcome this may be an ideal one to place and the odds on England winning the toss are 10/11 and India winning the toss are 10/11.

Another bet you could be tempted to place is on which team will have the first innings lead, in fact you can additionally bet on it being a Tie and the odds are high on that less likely outcome at 80/1, and for England to have the first innings lead you an currently secure odds of 4/6 and get odds of 5.6 on India, and do forget in-play betting opportunities will also be available to you.


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