Europa League Outright Winner Betting

It doesn’t matter at what time of the year you fancy placing a football related bet, somewhere in the world you are going to find plenty of matches being played, and plenty of league and cup titles still to be played for too.

There is however the chance that you are a fan of the Europa League and have one or two teams in mind to win the title this season, and if so how about taking advantage of some of the higher than average odds that are available on the future betting market for that competition.

If that is something you are interested in doing, then one betting site that I can recommend, thanks to their current set of above average odds on all teams taking their chances in the Europa League this season is BetFred, and below I will guide you through the current odds available if you are prepared to bet on which you think will be the title winner.

It should also be noted, that you can instead of picking out one team to win outright, place an each-way bet and that bet will pay out at one fifth the win odds if the team you select makes it right through to the final on the place part of that bet, and will also payout too if your chosen teams wins the final.

Chelsea and Arsenal Lead the Betting Market

It is two English teams that most punters are of the mind that will win the Europa League this season, and those teams are Chelsea who are the current favourite to win the title at odds of 4/1 along with Arsenal who its does have to be said are looking a very fair bet at their current outright winner odds of 6/1!

The only other team that is attracting any significant support currently to be crowned the Europa League champion this season is Sevilla, however at 10/1 those odds do give you an idea of what the bookies thing the chances of Sevilla  really are!

Villarreal and Bayer Leverkusen at 20/1 look unlikely to win the title, however if you think they will then those odds will start to shrink of course is they start to win match after match.

Lazio, Real Betis and Eintracht Frankfurt along with also Red Bull Salzburg, AC Milan and RB Leipzig are all trading currently at the exact same odds and for reference those odds are 25/1, so there is some value to be had backing them

The teams that are probably not worth betting on due to their chances of winning being tiny are Zenit at 33/1, Sporting CP at 40/1, Dynamo Kiev who along with Kobenhavn, Fenerbahce, Krasnador, Besiktas and Dinamo Zagreb are all listed at 66/1 shots and all other teams can be backed at odds of at least 100/1 right now at BetFred, but those other teams do have no realistic chance of winning the title, so do keep that in mind of course!

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