First English Premier League Matches of 2018

bet on the EPLThe summer break will soon be over for English footballers, and the very first game that is going to be kicking off in the English Premier League for the 2018/19 season is match between Manchester United and Leicester.

There will of course be a lot of interest in that match, much more from a betting point of view and betting sites such as Bruce Betting have already opened up a betting market on all matches that will be kicking of not only on the 10th of August, which is when the above match kicks off but the many additional matches in the Premier Leaguer that will be kicking off on the following day too.

If you do fancy betting on the Man Utd v Leicester that betting site are going 4/9 on a Manchester United win, 10/30 on the draw and 13/2 on a Leicester win, so that match does look like a one-sided match as to just which team should win it!

Premier League Matches Kicking Off on the 11th of August

Let me now turn my attention to the plethora of matches that are going to be kicking off on the 11th of August 2018 in the premier league, the first of which will be the Newcastle v Spurs, the home team in that match are 5/2 at Bruce Betting, the draw is 12/5 and the team that is attracting the most support currently are Spurs who are 11/10 to win that match.

You may fancy watching the Bournemouth v Cardiff match on the 11th of August and if so if you also fancy a financial interest in it you are going to be offered 21/20 on a Bournemouth win, and 5/2 on the draw and a Cardiff win.

The Fulham v Crystal Palace  match is going to be a hard match to call regarding the winner for Fulham are 11/8 to win that match Palace are 2/1 to win and the draw is also available at odds of 2/1 too.

I think that the most likely winner of the Huddersfield v Chelsea match will be Chelsea and so do all betting site odds compilers as they are offer odds of 4/7 on a Chelsea win, 3/1 the draw and 5/1 on Huddersfield winning that match too.

The Watford v Brighton has a fair set of odds being offered on it at sites like Bruce Betting, and the home team are chalked up at win odds of 13/10 the draw is 23/10 and an away tea win is available at odds of 21/10.

Another well balanced match is the Wolves v Everton match in which you will find Wolves can be backed at fair odds of 11/8 the draw is 9/4 and all you Everton fans should be mopping up the 21/10 odds on them winning!

There should be plenty of punters betting on the Liverpool v West Ham match in which Liverpool are the red-hot favourite to win at 3/10, the draw is 17/4 and West Ham are the underdogs at odds of 17/2

The Southampton v Burnley match sees Southampton on offer at even money, the draw is 12/5 and you can back Burnley at odds of 14/5.

There is also one match being played on the 12th of August in the Premier League and that is the Arsenal v Man City match in which Arsenal are 23/10 to win, the draw is 11/4 and Man City are 21/20 to win.

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