First Goalscorer Betting

When it comes to betting on football matches, make no mistake about it, all betting sites are going to be offering you often hundreds of different betting opportunities on all upcoming football matches, so you will never go short regarding what you can bet on in any match you have your eye on!

One popular type of bet that can return some decent winning pay-outs is a first goalscorer bet, and when you place such a bet what you are tasked with having to do is to simply select the player you think is going to score the very first goal in that match.

Obviously, any player could score the very first goal in any football match and as such when you look over the betting markets you will find each player will have odds listed against his name, and it will be the ones that the bookies think is most likely to score first that will have the lowest odds.

You are also going to find that the odds compilers at different sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting sites will have their own ideas as to just who will bang in the first goal, so you need to ensure that you do shop around to get the best possible odds on the player you fancy to score first.

Get a 100% First Goalscorer Price Boost

If placing a first Goalscorer bet is something you fancy doing, then you should get yourself over to the MintBet Sportsbook and make sure you click our links that will take you to their site.

By doing so you can take advantage of their welcome bonus instantly, and you will also qualify for their first Goalscorer price boost. That price boost will see the odds you got on whoever you backed to score the first goal being boosted by 50% if that player then scores the second goal in that match but the odds you secured on him will be boosted by 100% if he then goes on to score the third goal in that match too!

Combining First Goalscorer Bets

I have also seen quite several betting sites that will allow you to not only bet on the player you think will score the first goal but also combine that bet with the correct score you think the match will end in.

However, just be aware that whilst the odds are going to be very tempting when pacing such a combined single bet there are risks attached to them for not only do you have to pick the player to score first you also have to guess the correct score of that match too.

There is of course nothing stopping you from placing several bets on any one single match if you are convinced that one player will score the very first goal and then picking out different scores that you think the match will end in, as by doing so you will of course increase your chances of placing a winning bet!

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