Football Acca Insurance Explained

One type of football bet that has proven to be hugely popular with fans of the sport in recent years are of course accumulator bets, which now are simply known as Acca bets!

They are a way for punters to perm together any number of football teams that they hope will win their respective matches on one single bet that does of course require just one single stake to be placed on them.

What anybody placing such a bet will be hoping happens, is that every single team they list on their Acca bet wins, for when they do the stakes they have placed on the bet are first multiplied by the odds on the first winning team, and the winnings and the stake then rolls over onto the next team, and then the next team and so on.

By placing such an Acca bet on football matches in particular, you do have the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash, even when placing a relatively modest and small stake, and each week there are plenty of punters who do win big by correctly predicting which team will win any football match, or evening picking out which matches will end in a draw.

Best Betting Site for Acca Insurance

Whilst there are of course no end of betting sites that are going to allow you to place an Acca bet, what you will very quickly discover is that some of them will have some additional bonuses and consolation offers attached to Acca bets placed at their sites or on their betting apps.

What you should therefore be doing is placing your Acca bets at betting site that do have the best consolation offers and any additional bonuses attached to such bets, and one betting site that does is Betfred!

Betfred Football Acca Insurance

By making the very wise decision of signing up to the Betfred betting site using our links to do so is that you can not only claim their enhanced sign up bonus offer, that will be displayed on the landing page you will arrive at when doing so, but you will also get access to their Football Acca Insurance too.

That will give you the chance of getting your stake refunded to you as a free bet of up to £10 in value, if you do place an Acca bet consisting of at the very least 5 football match outcomes but one of those outcomes turns out to be a losing one, and your bet loses due to it!

You can place football Acca bets at Betfred and take advantage of their Acca Insurance on most football matches, including but certainly not limited to English Premier League, Championship, League 1 & 2, Scottish Championship, FA Cup, Germany Bundesliga and Italian Serie A matches.

Please do take a good look over the Betfred betting site as you will find all of the terms and conditions associated with their Football Acca Insurance offer, and for reference those t’s and c’s have been kept to a minimum!

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