Football Betting Guide

football betting guideFootball betting if of course big business, and you only have to take a look at the huge and ever growing number of different types of bets and wagers on offer at all betting site associated with Football to realise just how popular a sports betting activity betting on Football has become.

However, as there are so many different types of bets and wagers that you can place on a Football match, Football League or any type of Football Tournament, I have put together the following guide to help you make sense of them all.

With that in mind if you do fancy placing all manner of different Football related bets, then please do read on for a full overview and description of how such bets have been designed. All of our featured and top rated betting sites however will be offering you plenty of Football betting opportunities, so they are the sites you should be signing up to!

Basic Types of Football Bets

The most basic type of Football bet you can place on any upcoming match is one on which you are simply tasked with picking out how that match will end.

There are of course three possible ways that any such match could end, those being a home team win, and away team win or the match could end in a draw. When betting on such a betting market you will find it is the first 90 minutes of play time, and any injury time that is used to determine the result of a match, and not any extra time or penalty shoot outs!

Goalscorer Related Football Bets

If you have a feeling that one player in any team playing in a Football match is going to score a goal at some point in a match, then most betting site are going to be offering you three different ways you can place a bet on any one single player scoring a goal.

You can choose to place a bet on that played scoring the first goal in a match, the last goal in any match or whether he will score at any time n a match too. In fact, some betting sites now offer enhanced odds if you select a player to score a hatrick too!

Football Coupon Betting

One way that many punters do enjoy placing Football related bets is by making use of one of the many different types of coupon bets available at various different betting sites, Betfred for example offer a huge number of such betting opportunities.

A Football coupon is simply a bet on which you can choose to perm together several different outcomes on a range of different Football matches, and the aim is to correctly predict the outcome on each match you choose on the betting coupon.

The general rules of such bets is that the more matches you select and the more of them you correctly predict the outcome of, then the bigger your winning pay-out can and will become. You can bet on teams to win, lose or draw on a coupon bet and can now also bet on whether one or both teams will score in each match selected too!

Correct Score Bets

For a much bigger set of pay-out odds and some much higher potential winning pay-outs you should also consider placing something known as a correct score Football bet.

All you are tasked with having to do when placing such a bet is to determine what the final score will be in any match. As there are so many possible scores, the odds you will find on offer on a correct score betting market can be huge, dependent on the likelihood of the score you select being the final score of that match of course!

Perming Football Bets Together

You can of course place accumulator type bets at most if not all online and mobile betting sites, and as such you can select any number of Football matches and pick out the team that you think will win in those matches or whether any of them will end in a draw, and the stakes and winnings will roll over onto the next match on the bet if the first one wins.

If one bet loses those such bets are deemed to be losing ones, but quite a number of our feature betting sites will now offer you a money back consolation bet if just one team lets you down in such a bet.

So be on the lookout for those betting sites as you do get your money back, often as a free bet if one team does let you down, depending on the number of teams you have chosen to place in an accumulator type of Football bet.

Unique Football Bets

As an incentive to get punters betting t some betting sites, the promotions teams in place at one or more sportsbook, betting site of bookmakers site will dream up a range of unique betting opportunities, and some of them may just appeal to you.

For example they may offer you odds on a player scoring a goal from a penalty, a player getting a yellow or red card or even offer odds on a player scoring when taking a corner, and often such bets will come with some rather tempting odds!

Football League and Tournaments Betting

Early betting markets that allow you to bet on any Football teams that you think are going to win a tournament or end up winning a league will also become available to you once you start betting online or via a betting app.

Those betting markets will also still be available to you once the matches start to get played off in any tournament or league, but to get the best value and the highest betting odds you are best advised to make use of the odds on offer before a tournament begins or before the start of the Football season begins when betting on a team to win a league!

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