Football Coupon Betting Guide

Football betting allows you to place all manner of different bets and wagers on any matches you do fancy betting on, and it is the popularity of something known as coupon betting that is bound to catch many football fans eyes.

When you log onto any of our featured betting sites, such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes or Bruce betting, to name but a few, what they are all going to be offering you are a range of football coupons on which you can perm together your chosen football teams, in a range of different bets.

Those bets however are all permed together though as one single accumulator type of bet, and as such you are only required to place one single stake on them, but conversely you to have to pick out the winning outcomes on each of the matches you have selected.

By doing so the betting site will pay you out your winnings, which will be structured in such a way that the original stake and the winning pay-out from the first winning outcome you selected gets placed onto your second select, then the winnings roll over onto the second match you selected, then the third and so on.

As such that is how it is possible to win some huge amounts of cash when betting on a football coupon, but keep in mind what I have already said, you do need to select the winning outcomes on every single match you bet on to receive a winning pay-out!

Both Teams to Score BTTS Betting Coupon

The first type of betting coupon you are going to come across is a fairly recent addition to those already available at many betting sites however it has proven to be so very popular that all betting sites now tend to offer it, and it is known as a Both Teams to Score coupon, or simply BTTS for short.

Now the name of that type of betting coupon does give you an indication as to what you are faced with having to do when you set about making use of such a coupon, and then is to first peruse each of the matches listed upon it, and then simply select the matches in which you think both teams will score a goal.

Listed alongside each of those matches you will find the current odds associated with both teams scoring at the very least one goal in that match, and be aware that as long as each team does score a goal at some point in that match a bet you place on it will be a winning one.

However, you do also have the option of choosing no that both teams will not score one goal at least in any match, and once again the odds will be listed on that being the outcome.

It is possible to pick as many teams as you like and for reference you are allowed to mix both teams to score and both teams not to score outcomes on any such coupon too.

Long List Betting Coupons

I doubt that you are not going to find any bookmaker, sportsbook or sports betting site or app that isn’t going to be offering you a long list football coupon, for those types of coupons were the very first ones launched many, many years ago and are still as popular now as they have always been.

A long list football betting coupon will usually list every single football match hat is being played overt eh weekend in the UK, and you have three options in regards to placing a bet on each of the matches you select.

You can pick the home team or win any match, you can of course bet on the draw or you can select the away team to win as well.

The bets and the wagers that you can place on a long list football coupon can often be split up into different team groundings, and when you do come across one of those coupon bets the odds are often boosted on some of the teams.

You may however be required to pick out a certain number of teams to qualify for an enhanced and boosted pay-outs and set of odds, so always double check to see if you need to do so!

Beat the Clock Football Betting Coupon

There is another brand new type of football betting coupon that may be of interest to you, and it is known as the Beta the Clock betting coupon, and is exclusively available over at the Betfred betting site.

Now, as the name of that betting coupon does suggest you are up against the clock when you place any number of bets upon that coupon, for you have to pick out the number of matches you think that there will be at least one goal, scored by either time, in the first 20 or 30 minutes of the match!

Obviously the more matches you select the bigger the pay-out odds will become and Betfred will allow you to pick from to fifteen matches in which you will be hoping one goal will be scored by either time in 20 minutes if you select that bet or in 30 minutes if you go for that option instead.

There is the potential to win some mega amounts of cash even when placing a small stake on the Beat the Clock football betting coupon over at BetFred.

However, if you want to lower the risks then you can pick out for example just three, four or five teams, and by doing so if one goal is scored in each of those matches within 20 or 30 minutes as per the option you select the pay-out odds awarded to you are 9/2. 8/1 and 14/1 respectively!

But if you choose to pick out for example thirteen, fourteen or even fifteen matches, and one goal is scored within the time limit you have chosen your winning pay-outs become much higher, those being 1250/1, 2000/1 and 3500/1 respectively!

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