Fortuna Dusseldorf vs. Eintr Frankfurt

As for just which football matches are going to be worth betting on this evening, well there are plenty of them scheduled to kick off, but one match that does stand out is the German Bundesliga match between Fortuna Dusseldorf and Eintr Frankfurt.

Being the night before the start of the Cheltenham Festival, many betting sites are eager to get punters betting with them today, as their betting turnover is likely to be quiet today before punters start backing the horses they fancy in that four day horse race meeting.

As such there are some quite high odds available on this particular football match, and I did have a quick look around several of our featured betting sites, and it is Ladbrokes that are offering some of the best odds in the industry on all three possible outcomes in that match.

If you fancy the very obvious chances of the home team, Fortuna Dusseldorf winning that match then the 17/10 odds will tempt you to place a bet, the match may of course end up finishing with a draw and as such the draw odds are 5/2. But it is Eintr Frankfurt who are the favourites to win at odds of 29/20.

Price Boosts on This Match

If you haven’t yet bet on football matches over at the Ladbrokes betting site then you need to be aware that each day they push out the odds on offer on any number of different unique betting opportunities they are offering on upcoming football matches.

One bet that was 7/1 but has now been boosted up to 8/1 is for Sebastien Haller to score two or more goals in this match, and looking at his scoring record that isn’t as farfetched a bet as it may seem!

176 Betting Opportunities

In total Ladbrokes have a whopping 176 different betting opportunities available right now on the Fortuna Dusseldorf and Eintr Frankfurt match, so make no mistake about it you are going to have plenty of ways to bet on that match.

One bet that could be of interest to you is one that only has two possible outcomes and as such you have a 50/50 chance of winning when you play that bet.

That bet is one on which you simply have to decide whether both teams are going to score in this match or not. If you think that both teams are going to rattle in at the very least on single goal each at some point in the 90 minutes of play time then you can bag odds of 8/15, which all thing consider is a very fair bet to say the least.

However, if you think that both teams are not going to score one goal at the least each then you can take the no option on this bet and by doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 29/20 over at the Ladbrokes betting site, which is better than the true odds of even money on that bet of course!

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