Free Betway 4 to Score Competition

How difficult do you think it will be for you to predict the first four goal scorers in four different football matches? Well, if you are up for the challenge then you need to get yourself sharpish over to the Betway betting site and make use of their 4 to Score competition!

Now don’t be worrying about the cost of entering that competition, for it is completely free to enter, the only proviso is that you do need to be a registered customer of their betting site.

With that in mind, and as you are also going to be able to bag our exclusive high valued sign up welcome offer at Betway when clicking through any of our Betway links, make sure that is what you do and do so sooner rather than later.

The Betway 4 to Score promotion is a weekly free competition and what they are going to be doing each week is selecting four football matches that are being played somewhere in the UK or possibly much further afield, and they are the four matches that you must try and select the first goal scorer in!

£25,000 Per Week Up For Grabs

To make this a competition that all footie fans are going to want to take part in, Betway are putting up a total of £25k per week as the prize money on offer, and in the event of more than one entrant selecting the first goal scorers in each to their selected matches that prize money will be shared between each of them.

However, if no one manages to pick out those first four goal scorers or there isn’t a goal scored in any of those matches, then the prize money rolls over to the following week’s competition and an additional £25k is added into the prize pool, which can grow to a maximum of a life changing £250,000!

This Weeks Betway 4 to Score Football Matches

If you do fancy giving the Betway 4 to Score competition a try this coming week then you will of course need to have some idea of the four football teams that they have chosen.

The first two are going to be in play on the 2th of October and they are the West Ham vs. Spurs and Wolves vs. Watford matches, the next one is kicking off the following day and that is the Everton vs. Palace match.

As for the fourth a final match in which you are tasked with trying to correctly predict the first player to score a goal that is the Arsenal vs. Leicester match that is kicking off on the 22nd October.

So if you are not yet a sign up customer of Betway then you have nothing to lose by signing up today and giving this competition a try, but make sure you do think long and hard as to just which players are likely to score, for if at least one of the players you choose isn’t the most favoured player to do so there is a chance you could win the entire prize pool to yourself!

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