Gallway favourites to win the Hurling Championship

Galway are 11/4 to Win the All Ireland Hurling Championship

Gallway to Win The All Ireland Hurling Championship?

Often you have to turn to sporting events and sporting categories that you would not usually place a bet on if you are to lock in some value on your betting activities, and with that in mind today I want to take a look at the betting on the All Ireland Hurling Championship.

Obviously at this stage of the betting, you are going to find some quite high odds on offer on all of the teams that will be competing in that event, but by betting early and hopefully picking out the winning team at this early stage, the odds are there for the taking.

Gallway favourites to win the Hurling Championship
Visit Quinnbet to get the best odds on 2019 All Ireland Hurling Championship.

Over at Quinnbet you will find they are offering some slightly higher odds than all other betting sites on hat event, for they are going 11/4 on Always coming out on top and being crowned the top team this season and those odds really are impressive as Galway do have an excellent chance of winning this season.

You may also fancy backing a team each-way, and if so then by making use of the futures betting market that is live now at that betting site you will be rewarded with one third of the win odds on your each-way bet and two places are being paid out on all each-way bets too.

Teams That Could Win the Title

It is by no stretch of the imagination a foregone conclusion that Galway are going to win the title this season and many punters are convinced it will be either Limerick or Tipperary that will and the odds you can get on both of those teams right now are worth taking being as they are both on offer at odds of 9/2.

In fact, looking at the odds on offer on the futures betting market at Quinnbet it would appear that punters have also been latching onto the chances of Cork winning the title as their odds right now are  5/1 and also backing Kilkenny who are available at odds of 6/1 currently.

Could an Outsider Win?

There is of course always the chance that a team no one thought could possibly win the title at the easily stages of the season could go on to do so, and as such if you do feel any of the teams not yet mentioned are in with a chance you can get some huge odds on each of them.

Admittedly teams such as Clare who are 8/1 and also Waterford who are on offer right now at odds of 12/1 do not have what you could call huge odds they may be worth an each-way bet if you do feel they have what it takes to have an outstanding season.

But with odds of 20/1 on offer on Wexford and even higher odds of 25/1 available on Dublin you may feel that they are worth taking a risk on, but perhaps it will be an each-way bet you should be placing on any of those teams rather than an outright winner type of bet.

The highest odds are available on teams such as Antrim, Laois, Westmeath, Offaly and Carlow and if you are connived this season is going to be the one that any of those teams will excel in then now is certainly the right time to be backing them for their win odds are all 500/1 and Kerry look complete no hopers at their win odds of a whopping 1000/1!

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