Get the Best Odds on the German Grand Prix Race Winner

I do feel that you are going to have to take a few risks if you want to get a decent return from betting on this years German Grand Prix, for as the way the current betting markets are on that even at all leading betting sites, the favourite offers no true or real value to punters.

Below I am going to be giving you an insight into the odds that you can currently secure of each of the drivers that are going to be taking their chances in that race, and that will hopefully allow you to get some idea as to which, if any driver or drivers you should be betting on to win it.

The smart money has been pouring in for weeks if not months now on this race, and the one driver that has been heading the betting markets at all bookies sites and on their betting apps too is L. Hamilton, and as such you will only be offered odds of around 4/5 on him winning.

That isn’t to say that everything is going to go his way tomorrow in that race, and there is another driver that I do know a fair number of punter shave been backing and that is V. Bottas. And with a little bit of hunting around you should find a bookie or two that is offering him at win odds of around the 7/2 mark.

Look Farther than the Favourites

I know you are probably of the mind that it is going to be either the first or second favourites listed up above that are going to win this race, and probably come first and second in one way or another, but there are a few other drivers that do offer much better value.

Those drivers are the experienced C. Leclerc who I have seen being offered at plenty of betting sites this morning at win odds of  6/1 and two other drivers that whilst not the most obvious of drivers you may think will win this race tomorrow, are in with a chance and they are S. Vettel and M. Verstappen at 13/2.

The Outsiders

You could put a small bet on each of the outsiders in the hope that by some miracle one of them does go on to win the German Grand Prix this year, but the chance of any outsider doing so is of course tiny, but their respective odds are huge.

The odds on offer on each of the other drivers do give you  very clear insight into their realistic chances of winning, and as such you can back drivers such as P. Gasly at 125/1 or risk your money on the likes of D. Ricciardo, L. Norris, C. Sainz and R. Grosjean, N. Hulkenberg and K. Raikkonen at 750/1.

If you want to throw caution to the wind then how above backing drivers such as D. Kvyat, S. Perez, R. Kubica, A. Albon, L. Stroll, A. Giovinazzi, K. Magnussen and G. Russell who can all be backed right now at mega odds of 1000/1!

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