Golf Betting Guide

As part of my range of guides that will reveal to you the plethora of unique betting opportunities associated to every single type of sport, this one as you may have guessed from its title is going to be looking at the range of golf related bets and wagers that you will find on offer to you all each of our featured sports betting sites.

It may surprise you to learn that betting on Golf is as popular as betting on most other sporting activities, in fact many sportsbooks and bookmakers report that the only sporting events that they do take more money on are soccer matches and horse racing.

As such being as there are plenty of punters ever eager to place bets on all up and coming golf matches and golf tournaments, there will be no shortages of standard bet types available to you but plenty of betting opportunities that you may be blissfully aware of associated with that sport.

The most basic of golf bet is of course an outright winner bet. Whenever there is a golf match scheduled to start you can place a bet on one of the golfers taking part in that match you think will win, but the odds available can and do vary depending on where you place such bets.

You can also place an outright winner bet on any golfer you think it going o win an upcoming golf tournament, and the best odds on each golfer are going to be available well in advance of such a tournament starting, so do keep that in mind.

Golf Tournament Place and Each-Way Betting

There are always going to be a huge number of golfers that are taking part in any upcoming golf tournaments, and whilst you may fancy the chances of one single golfer, and be prepared to place a bet on them you will also be able to make use of a range of each-way and place betting opportunities.

Now an each-way bet is, as you may be aware a two part bet, on which half of your total stake money is an outright winner bet on your chosen golfer, and the other part is going to cover your chosen golfer finishing in one of the top few positions of the golf tournament.

However, if you are of the mind that a golfer may not win a golf tournament but get placed in one of the top positions then many betting sites are going to be offering you a completely standalone type of betting market on which you can select a golfer to get placed, in say the top 5 or top 10 positions of a golf tournament.

The thing to be aware of when you do make use of such a betting market is that all of the golfers odds have been readjusted and will be lower in value than on the standard outright betting market, based obviously on their overall chance of finishing on one of the top five or top ten positions of the golf tournament they are taking part in!

Prop Bets and Novelty Golf Bets

A unique range of betting opportunities can and will be on offer to you at most betting sites on any upcoming golf matches and golf tournaments, and if you are looking to add another level of excitement to your viewing pleasure of any match you do watch, then it should be the novelty and proposition betting markets you are making use of.

One bet that you would be tempted to place is you trying to predict which, if any, golfer is going to score a hole in one in any upcoming golf match or tournament. Just keep in mind though that in most golf tournaments especially there is a fair and very reasonable chance a golfer will achieve a hole in one, and they are not as rare as they may seem!

Other example of such bet could be that a golfer will punch the air, kiss his other half for even give his golf caddy a hug at the 18th hole!

The range and variety of propositions and novelty bets can be and often is quite endless, and whilst some of them may seem farfetched and unlikely to happen, the odds available on some of them may be too high in value to ignore, so as the very least do cast a keen eye over those betting markets as one day you may just find one bet on offer that is too good to miss out on!

In-Play Betting Markets

The odds offered to you when you bet for example on an early betting markets on an upcoming golf tournament will be appealing, especially if you pick out a golfer that does then go on to start to play in that tournament exceptionally well.

For the odds attached to the players that remain in a golf tournament will start to drop as they progress through the rounds of that tournament, so do keep that in mind when you do fancy the chances of a golfer winning any upcoming major golf tournament.

However, thanks to the advent of in-play betting market a whole new world  of betting opportunities will also come into play and will be made available to you during any one single golf match or during any golf tournament too.

Those in-play betting markets as their name suggest, come into play when a golf match or tournament has started, and as such the odds on offer on any possible outcomes will constantly be changing as the matches and tournaments are progressing.

In fact, many sports bettors do like making use of those in-play betting markets as they are going to often find they can then lay-off and hedge bets they may have paced before they started if they are not going their way.

You will also find when signing up to betting change you can lay odds on any golfer you think will lose a golf match or golf tournament, so you do have a plethora of wagering opportunities if you do enjoy betting on golf!

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