Grand Prix Betting Guide

Motor racing does of course take many forms, however whenever there is a Grand Prix (which actually means Great Prize ) scheduled anywhere in the world those events do stir up a lot of interest, especially with sports bettors.

You may actually never have thought of betting on the outcome of a Grand Prix, and if not then please do read through this Grand Prix betting guide, for by doing so I will be enlightening you on the many different types of bets available to you.

grand prix betting sitesShould you fancy placing any of the following bets, then I am more than confident that any of our featured betting sites, bookmakers and sportsbooks will be offering you some generous odds and much more importantly plenty of different betting opportunities of every single Grand Prix too!

The most popular Grand Prix bet is an outright winner bet, and by placing such a bet you have to name just one driver that you think is going to win the respective Grand Prix outright, if he does then you are paid out as per the amount you staked and the odds you took.

An each-way bet allows you to pick one driver to win and also get placed in one of the top positions in the race, be aware though each betting site will offer a different number of places they will pay out to on the place part of such a bet, and the percentage of the win odds you will get on the place part of the bet can and often does vary too from betting site to betting site.

When placing an each-way bet be aware you are placing two bets so you do of course need to place two wagers, so a 5.00 each way bet will cost you 10.00 in the currency you are betting in!

Fastest Lap Time

As there is a practice lap, a qualifier and also the main race itself on all Grand Prix events, you are going to find that most betting sites will let you bet on which driver from all of those competing will record the fastest lap time.

You simply need to select whether you wish to bet on the practice lap, the qualifier or the main race and then select the driver who you hope will record the fastest time, and if he does you are paid out at the odds taken when placing your bet as per the stake you wagered.

Podium Finish

There are of course going to be three drivers that will come first, second and third in any Grand Prix and they will be awarded their trophies on the podium.

Many betting sites now allow you to place a bet on any driver that you think is going to make it into first, second or third place and then be awarded a trophy on the podium, the odds will of course vary dependent on the chances each driver has of coring so.

Number of Finishers

One quite novel type of bet is that you are going to be able to bet on just how many drivers will actually finish the race, when placing such a bet you may see the option as under 13.5 drivers and over 13.5 drivers, and both of those options will have odds associated with them.

You can of course bet on either option at the odds displayed at the betting site you are betting at, and as long as you have picked the correct outcome your number of finishers bet will be a winning one!

Winning Margin

The winning margin betting market is going to give you three options to bet on, and they are in reference to the winning margin that the first driver will win the race in respective of the number of seconds between him and the driver that finishes in second place.

It will of course be in the main race this bet refers to and not the practice lap or the qualifier, and one example of such a betting market is under 5 seconds, between 5 and 10 seconds inclusive and over 10 seconds. The odds will always be displayed at the side of those three possible options and you are free to bet on any of them or as many of them as you so desire.

Winning Team

All drivers taking part in any Grand Prix held anywhere in the world will of course be part of a team of drivers, such as Red Bull, Renault or Force India for example.

You can instead of naming with driver that you think will win any race simply name a team, and if the winning driver is part of that team your bet will win. The odds on the Winning Team betting market will of course be lower than when you opt to name the individual driver that will win, but there a slightly better chance you will win by naming the team and not the driver!

Lay Odds on a Driver or Team Losing a Grand Prix

You are not only going to be restricted to picking out winning outcomes when you choose to bet online or on a mobile device via a betting app, you can also lay your own odds on which teams or individual drivers are going to lose too!

To be in a position to do so however you will have to sign up to a betting exchange and by doing so you could pick out a driver that you think has no chance what so ever of winning or pick a team that you think will not win, and then work out what odds you would like to lay on those drivers or teams.

You then have to decide just how much you wish to risk laying odds on those losing teams or drivers and then your odds will be displayed and will be made available on the betting exchange, if any other punters like the look of those odds they can place a bet with you.

If they lose you win from those punters their stake money, but if they win though you have to pay them out their winning at the odds you offered them, as per the stake they wagered!

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