Greyhound Betting Guide

greyhound racing betting sitesThis guide is going to be giving you an insight into the many different types of greyhound bets and wagers that you can place, in land based betting shops, online or even when using a mobile betting app.

However, before I do so, if you have not yet checked out our range of featured betting site reviews, please make sure you do so, for each of them do offer betting markets on all greyhound races held in the UK, and some also offer international greyhound racing betting markets, and each site also has a welcome bonus offer that you can claim to help you secure and lock in even more betting value from your greyhound bets!

Ante Post Betting and Early Prices

During the course of a year there will be lots of major greyhound races, many of which are made up on individual heats, and the winners and often the second place finishers in each heat will then progress through to the next stage and could finally make their way to the final race.

When there are major greyhound races schedule t any time in the future many betting sites will offer ante post odds on each greyhound taking place in the heats, and that is often when punters can secure the highest possible odds, as long as they are prepared to back a greyhound long in advance of the final being run.

Each morning the majority of our featured sports betting site will also offer what are known as early prices on all upcoming greyhound races. The early prices are simply odds that you can take before the on-course bookies arrive at the track and make the official betting markets.

Some betting sites now also allow you to take a best odds guarantee offer on their early betting markets too, and by taking the odds they offer on their early betting markets if the odds increase on the greyhound you have taken and that greyhound wins, you are paid out at those higher odds instead of the ones you secured earlier on in the day!

Greyhound Singles and Each-Way Bets

If you would prefer not to place any of the more exotic types of greyhound bets, then you will probably be best off placing a single outright winning type of bet or an each-way bet instead.

You do however have two option when placing a win bet on any greyhound you think will win a race, the first is to take the odds being offered to you from the betting site you have chosen to bet at, and if your greyhound wins you bet will be steeled at the odds you took.

However, you can also choose to take the Starting Price of your greyhound, and the odds will then be announced after the race has been run, and those odds will be the average of the odds available at bookies at the greyhound track on the winning greyhound at the time of the start of the race.

Most greyhound races tend to have just six greyhounds running in them and as such when you place an each-way bet you are placing two unique bets on one. The first bet is going to see you getting paid out at the full odds you took or the starting price if your dog finishes in first position.

The other part of such a bet will pay you out one quarter of the win odds, either the odds you secured when placing your bet or the starting price if you dog finishes in first or second place.

Exactas and Straight Forecasts

An Exacta bet is one on which you are tasked with picking out which greyhounds you think will finish first and second in any race. All punters stakes on such bets are fed into a pool, and once the result is known all winning tickets placed on the first and second place finisher in the correct order then win a share of the pool, less the usual commissions and fees charges by the organisers of those betting pools.

A Straight Forecast bet works in a slightly different way however, for you still have to pick the first and second placed greyhounds in a race, however it will be the starting price odds and the traps the greyhounds run from that will determine the official dividend is declared to one the result is known.

Trifecta and Tricast Greyhound Bets

A Trifecta bet is much like the Exacta bet mentioned above, however instead of you having to pick out the first and second placed finishers in a greyhound race you have to also pick out the greyhound that finishes in third place too.

A Tricast bet is works in much the same way as a Straight Forecast bet with the third place greyhound also having to be chosen by a punter and not just the first and second place finisher, the pay-outs on Trifecta and Tricast pay-outs are always higher than the Exacta and Straight Forecast dividends by the way!

Multiple Bets and Accumulators

You can also place all manner of multiple bets on any greyhound races that you fancy having a financial interest in, and as such you can perm greyhounds running in different races together in doubles and trebles for example and can also make use of Lucky 15’s, Yankees and also Patent bets too.

This list of permutations you can bet on greyhounds with are endless, however if you want to have the chance of winning big from a relatively small stake amount, make sure that you consider placing an accumulator bet.

That type of bet will see you having to select as many different greyhounds that are running in different races and each greyhound must win its respective race for that bet to be a winning one.

The stake you place on such a bet will first go on the first greyhound and if that greyhound wins the winnings and the stake then get rolled over onto the next greyhound and then the next and so on, so the higher the odds of the greyhounds you select, if they all win and the more of them you select the bigger the pay-outs will be on greyhound accumulator bets!

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