Horse Race Betting Guide

horse racing bettingSitting the studying the form of each horse running in each race, sat at home with the newspapers opened on the racing pages spread over their kitchen table, was something most punters used to do not that long ago, and then they would have to make their way to their local betting shop and place the bets that were hoping would win.

However, long before online and mobile betting sites and apps came along, those punters were always at the mercy of the betting shop they visited to place their horse racing related bets at, regarding the odds they would be offered.

That often resulted in those punters getting very poor value, for unlike these days when there are now lots of betting shops in most towns and cities, there only used to be one in each town or city and competition between bookies was unheard of, so the odds they offered tended to be low and each race would have a large over-round attached to them, guaranteeing the bookies a healthy profit!

Those days are fortunately now long gone, and as you can now take you pick of plenty of betting shops, and hundreds if not thousands of betting sites and betting apps, you are in the best position possible to guarantee the best odds available, if you are prepared to shop around.

This betting guide is going to be looking at a large range of different horse racing related bets and wagers that you can place, and as such please of read it through for you may be blissfully unaware of those bet types!

Outright and Multiple Betting Including Ante Post and Early Prices

You can place an outright win bet at any betting site or in any bookmakers shop, and when doing so you simply choose your stake and decide whether to take the odds on offer, which could be ante post odds or early odds or opt to take the starting price on those horses.

When doing the latter it will be the average odds offered form on-course bookies that will be the ones declared as the starting price, however there can often be slightly higher odds available when you utilize ante posts odds or the early odds offered first thing in the morning at some betting sites.

A huge range of what are known as multiple bets can also be placed at all betting sites and betting shops too, and those types of bets will see you selecting any number of horses running in different races and having them all premed together in a range of different bets.

You can pair together two or three horses in doubles and trebles, or place Lucky 15, 31 and 63 bets, and when doing so you have every possible permutation of bet covered.

An accumulator bet give you the chance of winning some large amounts of cash for a low initial stake, but when placing such a bet be aware that every horse you select must win each race and you are placing one single bet too, that being one which will see the winnings and stake rolling over onto each horse you select.

Tote and Pool Betting Opportunities

There was a time that you could only use the Tote if you wanted to place a pool type of bet, that being a range of different bets which are not against the bookies, but instead place all punters stakes into a pool and the value of that pool of stakes gets divided out equally to the winning ticket holders of those types of bets.

However, the Tote has now lost their monopoly on such pooled betting opportunities, and when you visit some racecourses for example you will find another type of pooled betting service on offer.

There are numerous different types of pool and Tote bets you can place, for example you can choose to pick out two horses that you think will come first or second or even first, second and third in a race, and if the horses you do select to fill those positions you win a share of the prize pool.

You can also place a bet on which you have to pick one horse from a number of races or even all races held at any one racecourse in the hope those horses either all win or get placed, and once again if those bets are winning ones you win a share of the prize pool based on the stake you wagered.

Those Tote and place betting opportunities are available not only at a racecourse and in land based betting shops, but you can now bet directly into those pools when using an online or mobile betting platform or app!

Laying Odds on Horses to Lose

Instead of picking out horses that you will hope are going to win a race, you do now have the opportunity of being able to lay bets from other punters if you make use of a betting exchange.

As only one horse is going to win each race, unless the race results in a dead heat, which is of course extremely rare, that does mean that when making use of a betting exchange and offering your own set of odds on one or more horses, you do have a very good chance of making a profit when doing so.

However, just keep in mind that when you do sign up to any betting exchange you need to have enough cash in your account to pay out each potential winner when offering you won set of odds, but if the odds you lay and the bets you take are winning one’s for you, meaning the horses you offered odds on do lose you get to keep the stakes of the bets other punters placed with you.

There is a small commission to pay when you do use a betting exchange, but that commission is only charged to the customer who placed a winning bet or laid a winning bet, and the commission is a small nominal amount by the way!

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