How Each-Way Betting Works

To help you get your head around some of the many different types of bets that you can place on any type of sporting events, I have put together a range of guides that will give you an overview of how many different sports bets have been designed.

Today I will be looking at a type of bet that is known as an each-way bet and it is a bet that is an excellent alternative to an outright winner type of bet and gives you a chance of winning something, even if for example a horse or greyhound you back doesn’t g on to win its respective race!

When you place an each-way bet you are not placing one single bet, but instead you are placing two separate bets in one, and each of them will require an equal stake to be placed upon them.

The bet is designed in such a way that the first bet will be covering your selection to win its respective sporting event. However, the second part of an each-way bet is going to cover your selection finishing in one of the top position of the event.

It is of course possible to win on both of those bets, for if your selection for example a horse wins its respective race, you are paid out at the full odds at which it won, and you are also going to be paid out for the second part of that bet too, however the odds you receive will be a percentage of win the win odds.

Best Betting Sites for Each-Way Bets

If you do want to increase your chances of getting a winning payout and wish to start placing each-way bets online or via a mobile device, then one betting site does come recommended.

That betting site is Paddy Power, for they often push the boundaries regarding their each-way betting markets and that in turn will often see you getting paid out to more places and with a much bigger percentage of the win odds too if your selection does get placed, so do check them out!

Getting Value When Betting Each-Way

One thing that I do however need to bring to your attention is that when betting each-way it can be and often is the case that different betting sites and bookmakers will offer a different set of payouts in regards to the second part of such a bet, that being the place part of that bet.

Therefore what you should be hunting around for and also comparing is just what percentage of the win odds a bookie will pay you out if your selection is placed, and also be aware that some bookies will pay out to more places than other bookies.

Therefore a bookie offering one quarter the win odds and paying out to four places is giving you much better value than a bookie that pays out to three places and only pays out one fifth of the win odds on their each-way bets!

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