How to Bet on Under/Over Betting Markets

Have you often fancied betting on a few of the much more unique and novel betting markets available at many different betting sites, but have found yourself getting confused as to how those betting markets and the bets you can place on them have been designed?

Well if you have then you are probably new to the world of online and mobile betting, but help is at hand for every single type of bet you will come across on offer at each of our featured and approved betting sites has their own unique guide which you will find on this very website!

The under/over betting markets is what I will be concentrating my efforts on introducing you to in this particular guide, so if you do fancy placing a bet that has a 50/40 chance of success, then those are the betting markets that you certainly should be making use of.

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Over/Under Betting Offers a 50-50 Chance of Success

The odds compilers at sites such as William Hill will be offering you an over/under betting markets on all manner of different sporting events, but to keep things simple let me look at the type of betting markets they are offering on a football match.

You will find listed two different betting opportunities on most over/under betting markets at sites like William Hill and for example one of them could be whether the total number of goals that will be scored by both teams will be under 2.5 goals or over 2.5 goals.

You are going to be tasked with nothing more complicated than having to predict whether the total number of goals will be over or fewer than 2.5 and the odds of both of those two possible outcomes will be displayed alongside each bet.

You could also find on the same football match for example other possible over/under betting opportunities such as over 3.5 goals or under 3.5 goals, however one thing to always keep in mind when making use of such a betting market is that the odds you will be offered will accurately reflect the chances of each betting opportunity being the final outcome of any football match.

As I have mentioned it is not only football matches you can places such a bet on, for you could be offered an over/under betting markets on the numbers of lengths a horse will win a horse race by for example!

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