How to Place a Lucky 63 Bet

Lucky 63 bets are one of several bets on which you are going to be able to perm together any outcomes of any sporting events that you fancy backing on, however they are quite popular it does have to be said of fans of horse racing.

Most race meetings will have at least six races if not more, and by placing a Lucky 63 bet you are going to be able to pick the horses that you think are going to win any six individual races and have them covered in total of 63 bets.

Those bets for the record are  6 Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Four-Fold bets, 6 Five-Fold bets and one six selection accumulator, and therefore one winning only will at least see you getting something back as it will be covered by a single bet.

There is also the opportunity for you to instead of backing each of your six selections to win, instead you can back them each-way, but by doing so the total number of individual bets will of course double form sixty three to one hundred and twenty six bets, all of which require a stake to be placed on every single one of them!

Bigger Lucky 63 Payouts Over at BetFred

If you haven’t yet signed up to the BetFred betting site then make sure you do so and utilize our links that take you to their website, and by doing so a new customer sign up bonus will be coming your way, and two bonus payouts are on offer on Lucky  63 bets you place with them.

Those bonus payouts include a 25% boost to the value of your Lucky 63 winning bets if you pick out six winning selections on then or a five times the odds bonus payout if you only manage to select one single winner on any such bets placed with BetFred!

Alternatives to a Lucky 63 Bet

It will always be the number of selections you want to place on any multiple type of bet that will ultimately determine just how many bets you will have to place on any such bet, and there is an alternative bet to a Lucky 63 bet that you may find of interest.

That bet is known as a Heinz bet and when placing it you will be placing every single one of the bets listed up above that are on offer on a Lucky 63 bet but you will not be placing any singles, and as such the number of bets you are required to place a stake on drops down from 63 to just 57 individual bets.

However, there are rarely any bonus winning payouts on offer on a Heinz bet and that is why most punters stick to placing Lucky 63 bets instead! If you want to place fewer bets on a similar type of bet then make sure you learn about placing Lucky 15 or Lucky 31 bets as they also offer a range of bonus payouts but do not require you to have to place six selections on such a bet!

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