How to Place Straight Forecast and Reverse Forecast Bets

Horse racing punters do have plenty of unique types of bets they can place on any upcoming horse race, and there is a bet known as a Straight Forecast bet that can see them winning big for some relatively small stakes if they do place such a bet and win.

The way in which a Straight Forecast bet works is fairly straight forward, for all you are tasked with doing should you fancy placing one is to try and predict the horses that will come first in any race and the horse you think will follow it home and come second.

Those types of bets are also popular with greyhound racing fans and when placing one on a greyhound race you have to pick the first and second greyhound to pass the finishing line.

At the end of the race and once the result has been announced a dividend is declared from the racecourse or the greyhound track, that dividend will be declared to a £1 stake and that is the payout punters will receive.

You are not required to have to place a Straight Forecast bet with a stake of £1 however for you could for example simply stake 20p and if so and your bet wins then you win one fifth of the dividend declared. It will be the odds of the winner and those of the second place horse or greyhound that will determine just how large or small the dividend is by the way!

Where to Place a Straight Forecast Bet

One betting site that does accept Straight Forecast bets is BetFred and as such thanks to them being a fast paying bookie and one with some very high payout limits, they come highly recommended.

Much more so due to the fact that once a Straight Forecast dividend is declared, BetFred will round it up to the next Pound, so if for the example the dividend declared for a Straight Forecast horse or greyhound race is £44.01 they will round it up to £45.00!

Reverse Forecast Bets

A similar bet to  a Straight Forecast bet is known as a Reverse Forecast bet and they differ only in as much as you can perm together two or more horses or greyhounds that are running in the same race and as such it doesn’t matter which one comes first or second you will have them covered in that bet,

A basic Reverse Forecast bet is one on which you pick out two selections and that bet will cost you twice as much as a Straight Forecast bet as you will have both selections covered to come first or second in any order.

But if you pick out for example three horses in a race and wish to have them covered to come first and second in any order then in total you will be paying 6 stakes, as that covers the three selections to come first and second in any order.

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