Ice Hockey Betting Guide

It does often surprise punters that there are many more available betting opportunities available to them on Ice Hockey matches, other than the usual and fair standard outright winner bets. As such if you are looking for a range of different ways to bet on any upcoming Ice Hockey matches, or have never done so before, then please do read on.

The thing to always keep in mind with some of the less popular sports, from a betting point of view, is that if you do intend to bet on them, then you should be looking for a betting site that specializes in such sports events, as you are much more likely to have access to a wider range of betting opportunities.

Anyway, let me start off by enlightening you on the most basic of Ice Hockey bet you can place and that will be via the outright betting markets. There are always going to be just three possible outcomes on any Ice Hockey match, those being a home win, and away team win or a draw.

Therefore when you do start looking through the outright betting markets, you will always see three sets of odds available on those matches, which do represent those three outcomes.

One additional thing to be aware of is that the chances of an Ice Hockey match end in a draw are very low, and therefore the odds on offer to you will often be quite high, and that is the reason those odds are much higher than the odds on either the home or away team winning!

League and Tournament Betting Opportunities

There are of course no shortages of Ice Hockey leagues and Ice Hockey tournaments that are held and staged throughout the year, and a opposed to betting on individual teams taking part in individual matches, you can of course choose to back teams to win a league or win a tournament too.

Those types of outright betting markets are going to offer you the option of either placing a simply win bet, and by doing so you have to pick out the team that you will think will win a tournament or top a league at the end of the season.

The odds however are going to vary depend not only on which betting site you choose to place a bet on, but also when you choose to place a bet too.

So for example if you bet before a season begins on for example an Ice Hockey team that you think will win a league, then the odds will often be much higher before the season begins than they ever will be as the season is in full flow and that team has been winning plenty off matches.

Each way betting opportunities are also available when betting on Ice Hockey leagues or tournaments, and they usually pay out at half the win odds on the place part of such a bet when your chosen team finishes the tournament or league in first or second place, and the full odds on the win part of an each-way bet too.

Handicap Ice Hockey Betting Markets

As soon as any Ice Hockey season begins, and the teams then start playing off their matches, it is always going to be the case that some teams do start to play up to their very best form and will move higher and higher up the league.

However, that then does have the knock on effect that when those higher placed teams in any Ice Hockey league are playing against teams lower down in the league, the odds on the former will be very low and very unappealing from a betting point of view.

That is when you should consider placing a bet on the handicap betting markets at any of our featured and licensed betting sites, for what those sites will do on those types of betting markets is give the underdog a head start.

That then means the odds on the underdog will shorten due in no small part to them being given one or more goals start, but the odds on the red-hot favourite will be boosted in value.

So if you do fancy placing a bet on any Ice Hockey team that is expected to win any upcoming match, but their odds on the outright winner betting markets are too low, simply make use of the handicap betting markets as you will then be offered some much more appealing odds!

Unique In-Play Ice Hockey Betting Opportunities

As soon as an Ice Hockey match begins, the standard betting markets will then close, and you can sit back and watch that match and cheer on the team you have backed to win it.

However, many of our featured sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting sites have now launched what are known as in-play betting markets and they are a range of betting markets that are going to allow you to continue betting, once any Ice Hockey matches have started.

The thing to keep in mind though is that as teams score and different things happen in such matches the odds available on a range of different outcomes are going to change and change instantly.

So if you do ever fancy having a financial interest in any Ice Hockey matches whilst they are in live play then do consider making use of those betting markets, but at all times keep in mind that you do have to react quickly to ensure you can secure the odds available, as they will be changing constantly.

In fact, I am aware of plenty of punters who do now choose to use the in-play betting markets to allow them to lay-off and hedge any bets they may have placed before an Ice Hockey match started.

Plus, by you signing up to a betting change you are also going to be able to lay your own odds on any teams you think are going to lose any upcoming matches too!

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