Last Chance for Decent Odds on the 2019 IPL

The betting on each Indian Premier League team is going to start getting interesting moving forward as each team begins playing each other team, and as such now is the last chance you are going to have of making use of the futures betting markets.

There has been a great deal of support for one team, and that team who for reference are the Chennai Super Kings are currently leading all betting markets, and our top rated and featured sportsbook that being BetFred have them on offer at odds of 2/1.

If the above named current IPL favourite doesn’t win their first few matches, then there is no doubt in mind the favourite will become the Mumbai Indians, as they are a team lots of punters do feel are going to win and have been mopping up the 11/4 odds that they will at betting sites such as BetFred.

There is of course a third favourite as you would expect and if you are of the mindset that it will be Delhi Capitals that are going to outperform all of the other teams this season and will win the title then you need to act quickly to secure the 3/1 Betfred currently but perhaps not for much longer, have them chalked  up at.

Mid-Priced IPL Teams

Moving onto the next team on the Betfred IPL betting markets, they have the Sunrisers Hyderabad on offer at odds of 5/1, however for one reason or another I do feel that team are going to be up against it this year and those odds are not as high as they could be, so do keep that in mind.

One team that I personally feel are not high enough regarding their current odds is Kings XI Punjab for BetFred only have them on offer at odds of 10/1 and those odds do not represent true value in my very humble opinion, however you may fancy their chances.

Other Teams and Their Odds

The other three teams that will need a miracle if they are to win the IPL this year include Kolkata Knight Riders, but if you are a keen fan of that team then it will be up to you as to whether you want to make use of the 14/1 odds that Betfred have them on offer at!

One team you can quickly dismiss from your possible betting exploits on the 2019 IPL are the Royal Challengers Bangalore for their current odds do give you a very good insight into the chances of them winning the title this year, and those chances are slim based on their 33/1 win odds!

If you only ever back complete and rank outsiders, then your money will probably be going on the Rajasthan Royals, they are going to have to massively improve their form if they are to win any of their upcoming matches never mind have a chance of winning the IPL this season and the odd you can secure on them currently at BetFred are massive at 40/1!

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